A pleasant introduction to competition shooting

Via Eric:


Good choice in her handgun (she uses the same make and model, perhaps in 9mm instead of .40 S&W, as I do).


5 thoughts on “A pleasant introduction to competition shooting

  1. The only word she uses that I do not like is “compromise”. That word suggests that each side will give something up. Their compromise is to choke us to death, only more slowly.

    • That and we’ve been compromising for all our lives, only to find that compromise is a trick. It is sold, by the unprincipled to the principled, as being a virtue. In fact, compromise of principles puts the formerly principled on the same level as the un-principled– you lose the second you’ve compromised your principles. After that, I suppose you deserve to go to jail for having too many rounds in your magazine or for having a carbine barrel that’s too short– you’ve just sold your and my children’s future down the river and you want respect for it? No. Now you’re dirty. Go to hell– maybe there you’ll get some recognition for your compromises.

      Compromise is how we get the incident at Ruby Ridge, where the Feds can surround a family, murder a kid and a nursing mother and get away with it, all because a shotgun barrel was said to be a fraction of an inch too short. THAT is compromise; compromise of principles, compromise of reason, compromise of human liberty as defined in our founding documents, and it’s the sort of shit we deserve if we think compromise of our liberty is a virtue.

    • It’s the same definition of “compromise” that the left uses in describing how they want Israel to relate to its terrorist neighbors. Antisemitism, antigunism, two sides of the same coin.

  2. “Look, we’re good people. We’re responsible with it” she says.

    Yes, Child, and that’s what the Progressive mind hates most about you. Criminals, general scumbags with guns, they can deal with. A large contingent of good, honest, principled, responsible people with guns; THAT is one of the left’s worst nightmares.

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