2 thoughts on “Would you like hollow points with that?

  1. Not a bad article, except for this one Fox Butterfield moment:

    Reality rarely enters into the equation of fear. Crime is actually down in Las Vegas, as it is nationwide.

  2. I disagree. No gunowner in his right mind should let anyone who works for that petty little fascist from NYC onto his or her property. There’s simply no up side to it.

    Barrett inserted enough anti-gunowner drivel that the relatively factual treatment is negated. Quoting gun owners as being in favor of universal registr – er, background checks, or questioning how many firearms one “needs”, or implying that there’s no firearms useful against a terrorist attack, does enough damage to the cause. Plus the victim blaming “I hope he’s more careful with this one”, referring to someone that had a gun stolen, doesn’t set a good tone especially where there may be a fight over “safe storage” laws.

    I’m in Colorado, & we’re suffering from a UBC as well as a magazine capacity limit. There’s nothing “mild” about it – it’s an anti-gunowner position. This article subtly reinforces the notion that those types of laws aren’t that bad.

    It’d have been better if the shop owner had tossed this literary punk of Bloomies out the door, as now I can’t see any reason to do business with him, or sadly Anderson Wheeler.

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