Quote of the day—Rich Burgess

The State’s Attorney’s Office has made it clear that they will put their collectivist politics over the need for them to perform their job as advocates of the law. Mentioning mass shootings and the fear-based political climates that their collectivist ilk have manufactured to describe how police should interact with law abiding members of the population is the height of propaganda.

Rich Burgess
Connecticut Carry President
February 8, 2016
Press Release
Manual of How to Harass Law Abiding Citizens
State’s Attorneys Release ‘How to Manual’ of Harassment

[Here is a direct link to the actual “manual”.

If you were to imagine making the appropriate substitutions of people peaceably exercising their First Amendment rights, or entering an abortion clinic, or “driving while black” instead of gun owners and treating them as suggested the uproar would make national news. And rightly so. This has to stop. These people should be candidates for prosecution instead of public officials. They are deliberately casting a chilling effect upon a specific enumerated right.—Joe]