This is how they respond to terrorist threats in other countries

This is old news (October 2015) but is good to see. It can be used as a counter to those people who are opposed to our school teachers and other private citizens being armed:

Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan on Wednesday approved a number of measures to ease the requirements for firearm permits, as Israel copes with a wave of “lone wolf” terrorism.

“In recent weeks many citizens have helped the Israel Police subdue terrorists who carried out attacks,” he said.

“Citizens with firearms training are a multiplying force for the police in their fight against terrorism and therefore I will take measures to ease the restrictions at this time.”

The ministry on Wednesday used the example of allowing the Jerusalem Municipality to give permits to school teachers in the ultra-Orthodox sector, which it referred to as one of the most vulnerable communities.

Israel has been subject to a greater intensity and longer duration of “lone wolf” terrorist attacks than any other nation I know of. Rather than increasing firearms restrictions they are reducing them.


4 thoughts on “This is how they respond to terrorist threats in other countries

  1. You mean to say that depriving people of their right to self defense might render them vulnerable? The hell you say.

    That screams the question then;
    What should happen to politicians here in the U.S. who deprive citizens of that right under color of law, leaving citizens vulnerable, resulting in death?

    If allowing more people to legally carry guns is saving lives, then depriving them of their right to carry has been killing people.

    What does Justice demand in this situation?

    Who’s been arrested for said deprivation of rights?

    My point is that when we get serious about protecting our rights, there will be large numbers of arrests of politicians, bureaucrats, judges and cops. Until then, we’re not serious. Those in office know they can attack human rights with impunity. We have demonstrated that to them. We’ve proven it. The very worst that will happen is that their dumb law or stupid rule will be overturned. They themselves will skate, and so they have little or nothing to lose from committing further attacks on human rights.

    And so the flip side to “When you allow people their right to carry guns, they actually defend themselves” is;
    “When politicians get away with depriving citizens’ rights, they’ll keep doing it, more and more.”

    Approximately 99% of you who’ve bothered to read this far would say; “But Lyle, we’re doing our best to work within the system. What else can we do? It sounds like you’re calling for vigilante justice.”

    And you’d be totally wrong. I just want the laws enforced, and it’s a crime in this country to deprive citizens’ rights under color of law. That means we have hardened criminals running loose, in office, and rather than having them arrested we’re paying them for it.

    Strangely, it isn’t a crime in other countries to deprive people of their rights under color of law.

    • It’s amazing how many people don’t know the difference between justifiable homicide in self defense, and vigilante justice.

        • They’ve been trained to not know, meaning that people start out knowing instinctively that self defense is a right, and later become confused, conflating self defense with vigilantism. That state of confusion requires a deliberate effort.

          As a part of that conditioning they are inoculated against your clear and concise arguments– In their minds you’re “just playing tricks” on them, or “twisting the truth” and so on (I’m sure you’ve heard it said).

          In short; it’s a hypnotic state.

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