Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

Depriving us of gear as a way to stop murderers is misguided, puts you at risk, and is a thinly disguised effort to get to zero-round magazines — in the false and dangerous belief that disarming innocent people will finally disarm criminals. Police never want less ammo because they know that’s dangerous — neither should you.

Alan Korwin
January 25, 2016
Normal Capacity Magazines
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


1 thought on “Quote of the day—Alan Korwin

  1. It’s a funny thing, seeing a grown man refusing to get it. Either that or he’s unwilling to come out and say he gets it. He’s so close though; why not say it?

    It’s not about disarming criminals. No one believes that disarming innocent people will disarm criminals.

    Criminals on the street aren’t a threat to criminals in high office. You are. Innocent people are the threat.

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