Quote of the day—Professor Ruth Wisse

If history has taught anything. When someone says he is going to murder the Jews, believe him.

Professor Ruth Wisse
February 6, 2016
Professor Ruth Wisse Explains the Worst Case Scenario
[There was another gem in the same post:

Professor Wisse explained why she is a political conservative. “When I look at any policy, I ask myself: What is the worst outcome that can happen?” Liberals, she said, are fixated on the best outcome. The liberal outlook ignores history and reality.

I can’t recall where I read it, and it was very recent too, but someone explained progressive thinking in a very similar manner. Their observation was something to the effect that if a good outcome was possible from government involvement then that was sufficient justification for government action. Examples abound but the most obvious are Obamacare and the popularity of an admitted socialist running for U.S President.—Joe]


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  1. And when we’re talking about “government action” we really mean “wholesale coercion” but we’re afraid to come right out and say it because we know that the truth is disturbing and we’d rather not disturb people.

    The so-called “liberal” mind spends most of its time pondering the question; “What sorts of threats shall we use today, against whom and under what pretenses?” It is only “liberal” (in this sense, copious) in its applications and justifications of coercion.

    Thus it is that “liberalism”, which in truth is wholesale coercion, is entirely our fault. By playing along with it or otherwise tolerating it, failing to correct it, we are the ones encouraging and emboldening it. We are bringing destruction upon ourselves. It’s tantamount to granting the children a false authority over the patents in the household. Worse even, it’s more like putting the criminals in charge of law-making, the courts, law enforcement and security. We know it’ll be an unmitigated disaster, and it’s entirely the fault of those who know better.

    It could be said then that the creeping authoritarianism, which is called Progressivism, is a reflection of our own insanity, our unwillingness to see what’s happening and act accordingly to correct it. We’re like bad parents spoiling their children. Those wrapped up in authoritarianism hate us, if for no other good reason than that we’re failing to correct them. We’re failing them and we’re failing ourselves, to the detriment of all. For that, just like the bad parents, we will have deserved what is surely coming.

    • Geez Lyle, what is wrong with me? I never think about this: “What sorts of threats shall we use today, against whom and under what pretenses?”

      Why would I want to threaten anyone? I’ve got lots of other things to do. This is also part of the reason I don’t own a gun. I don’t have time to learn how to use one and the only reason for it would be to “threaten” someone — so why have one?

      • You don’t threaten anyone, but elected officials do so. Some more than others. Every single law is backed up by the threat of force, either economic or physical via the legal law enforcement system.

        So when you vote for a great sounding social program, you must know that there are people who you will steal from to pay for it, disagree with it and yet will have to pay for it…or else!

        Was it here where I saw the phrase, “Government is force!”

        The great observation is that liberals do not see the whole reality. If there is a small possible benefit of something and then they vote for it and never consider the downside or unintended consequences and even think they are morally superior for going for that small positive. Alternatively, they see only the negative and react to that, for instance ignoring all DGUs and focusing on the handful of rare mass shootings.

        Thinking people weigh all of the pros and the cons. Patriots and real Americans also consider the Constitution and the laws of the land.

        So, this is why I want any Obama pick refused. He does not obey the law and he will pick someone who cannot read the Constitution.

      • The heck you don’t! You just do it implicitly and by proxy. You certainly aren’t going to go door-to-door to confiscating whatever guns you think should be banned today, but that’s the essential result of the policy you advocate.

  2. Question about Obamacare (since you mentioned it Joe): Do you get your insurance through your job? Is it better or worse since Obamacare?

    I ask because, around here, I don’t hear anyone complaining. People were able to keep their doctors and the price was about the same as before. Some people actually ended up with better insurance that covers more things.

    I’m wondering if there is a small town/big city divide on how well O’Care works for people — or maybe the split is a state by state one? California did their own thing and it’s worked out pretty well around here, from what I can see. (Although my doctor wasn’t happy with the “quality” of patients he was forced to accept since many of them were sicker than he likes. He finally said “no more” after he took about 100 or so.)

    • I’ll answer; Mine’s worse. I pay more per month, and what I do use of my insurance costs me more to use it.

      • And you haven’t even gotten to the spiky bits yet. As I understand it, the provisions regarding employer healthcare have been delayed, because Bumbles knows that’s going to go over very, very badly.

      • Mine, too. My premiums doubled and my deductible increased tenfold. I literally paid for my own health care out of pocket, despite ostensibly having insurance; I never hit my deductible in a year, so my 80% coverage never kicked in.

        My coverage is better now that I have a better job, but that’s what it took to get better coverage.

        • So how does “fighting covering everyone” (assuming it’s even true) cause high prices? If anything, it would lower prices.

    • Through my job. Which hasn’t yet been affected by Obamacare.

      My brothers have been dramatically adversely affected. And some people have told me they can no longer afford to attend Boomershoot because of the increase in health care premiums.

      I also have a close friend who works in the health insurance business. I hear a lot of horror stories from her.

    • I have an idea. If you like Obamacare so much and “choice” why not make it completely voluntary and without a dime of general taxpayer support.

      Then you will see the gigantic selection bias that dooms it from the start. It is only operating at all now because it’s huge cost is being shoved into the 19 TRILLION deficit.

      Why not leave all of us with any common sense and economic literacy out of it? I say ALL Democrats should be forced into it and ALL Republicans and Independents should be exempt (unless they want it).

      You see it only “works” if you shove everybody into it. That is about as unAmerican thing you can do. How about I force all liberals to go to a church of my choosing or to purchase some food product like soybeans by the ton whether they like them or not.

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