Quote of the day—Ms. Ann Drist (@saltphoenix)

and the first thing to shit up my mentions with trollish-ness? A man with a gun. Always swinging their dicks when you call ’em out. Or guns.

Ms. Ann Drist (@saltphoenix)
Tweeted on November 2, 2015
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Ms. Ann Drist (@saltphoenix)

  1. Miss Ann Drist. I suppose making up a name like that makes her feel clever. Mysandrist- in other words, a man hating feminist. Judging by her tweets, a communist as well.

    • “Judging by her tweets, a communist as well.”

      Is it ever otherwise anymore?

      All of these movements, no matter how legitimate they may have been initially, soon become co opted for use as cover for authoritarian causes. I guess that means we should be very careful about our own.

  2. I held my nose and read her tumblr blog. Anyone who can afford beachfront property (and a modern house on it) in Kauai is rich by 95% of the world’s standards.
    She also shoots -or shot, anyway- mongooses from her house with a pellet gun.
    ( A Crosman from the look of it.)

    I got tired of the baseless assertions and other BS, so the vast hypocrisy vein is mostly unmined…

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