Speed Steel match results

Last Saturday, January 23rd, I went to Whidbey Island for the steel match. It was a rainy, dreary, day as I road the ferry to the island but I had rain gear and was dressed warm enough to be comfortable.


The weather wasn’t any better at the range and we put up a canopy to keep things a little drier for our little group of die-hard shooters:


I shot my Ruger 22/45 for the iron sighted rimfire division and did okay with it.

With my STI DVC Limited gun I had changed out the sear spring and adjusted it for about 4.75 pounds of trigger pull rather than the 3.5 pounds it came from the factory with which I have never really gotten used to. It worked fine in practice and I was looking forward to using it. It worked fine some times then on other shots it had a much harder trigger pull. The pull was probably something on the order of 10 or 15 pounds. It was sometimes hard enough that my hands shook from pulling the trigger so hard to get it to fire. My times for centerfire pistol sucked.

Name Division Time
Steve Mooney RF-RI-O 47.66
Steve Mooney RF-O 57.63
Joe Huffman RF-I 67.12
Bruce Barchenger CF-I 91.92
Rev Barchenger RF-O 92.36
Joe Huffman CF-I 111.91
Jim Dunlap RF-O 112.08
Scott Bertino CF-I 123.44

67.12 seconds for five stages works out to an average of 3.356 seconds per five shot string. I’m okay with that.

Here are four of the five stages we shot. They started tearing down the fifth stage before I got around to taking a picture:



8 thoughts on “Speed Steel match results

  1. Well, you could’ve been laying in a couple of inches of slush like I had to one day at Ft. Lewis when my unit was qualifying. 🙂

    • I think so. I took everything apart, watched a YouTube video on adjusting the spring, adjusted it, put it back together, then took it to the range today and put a couple hundred rounds through it with it working perfectly. So I think the odds are good.

  2. OT and I apologize, but can anyone connect to Random Nuclear Strikes? It’s kicking back ‘site not found’ errors for me.

      • He hadn’t posted in a while, so I was thinking that his expiry date hit at the same time his life got busy.

        BTW, is that a pool of blood next to the ferry railing?

        • He last posted on January 14th. No response yet from him or the others.

          I looked at the original picture at the highest resolution without being able to resolve it. I don’t think it’s blood. But I can’t tell you what it is.

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