Sharing the wealth

Being a software engineer for the last 30+ years means I have had opportunity to make a fair amount of money. I certainly didn’t do as well as I could have. I still regret declining the request for a job interview with Microsoft in 1985 but I’ve managed to do okay and with a little bit of income from Boomershoot I manage to adequately feed my gun, ammo, training, and explosives appetites. Currently I have a job I really like, I feel secure in (the last place I worked at just laid everyone off and is closing the Seattle office any day now), and am paid a comfortable amount. So for Christmas this year I decided I would share some of the wealth.

So it came to pass that it was with great pleasure I gave my three children, Barb, Barb’s two children, and Ry each fifty trillion dollars. Powerball winners have nothing to brag about when I get in a giving mood!

It was with great anticipation that I saw Barb select my present to her to open first:


But the first thing she said after looking at it was, “What am I going to do with this?”

Uh-oh! I didn’t have a good answer. I thought about, “Don’t spend it all in one place.” But decided that might not be wise in that context and told her there were other presents from me, maybe she would like one of them better.

Her children on the other hand thought they were awesome gifts and said they were going to take them to college and put them on their dorm room walls.

I was a little worried about my kids. What would they think? But they studied their gifts thoughtfully, considered their new status as multi-trillionaires and drew the appropriate conclusions about the hazards of hyperinflation, paper money, etc. Ry, of course, got it immediately and we drifted into a conversation about the worldwide economy, Europe, etc.

I don’t want you to think I gave away all my money last Christmas. I saved some for myself:


Yes. I kept 100 trillion back for myself and a “rainy day”.


9 thoughts on “Sharing the wealth

  1. When they discover that huge deposit of Unobtainium in Zimbabwe, and all that money becomes real, well, you will know you invested wisely, Joe.

  2. friends:

    coming soon to a neighborhood near you. just vote democrat, early and often, as we used to say. (not much of a joke anymore, is it?)

    john jay

      • Ugh. I like the idea of a silver coin, but that silver coin I would never consider.
        A while ago I found a coin manufacturer (well, they call it “rounds” to keep clear of the US Fed counterfeiting monopoly enforcers) that produced coins in various precious metals, with an Atlas Shrugged image on it. I can’t find that one anymore; it may have been “” which is a web address that no longer works, and doesn’t have it. Some of those coins are still available, though.

          • Yes, I guess ones that were made before can still be bought. But it seems that the maker has gone out of business. Bummer.
            I also remember the same outfit — unless I’m confused — selling bullion in other interesting shapes. Bars, of course, but also in the shapes of cartridges. “Silver bullet” anyone?

          • Cartridges can be found here. .22LR to 20mm and shotgun.

            I think it was Christmas of 2014 I had 5.56 NATO cartridges engraved with the names of my daughters mates (who had been in the Army) for their presents.

  3. I gave the same gifts to my brothers a couple of years ago. They were as unimpressed as it sounds your family was.

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