Gun cartoon of the day


I’m not sure “The DUM-DUM” is the best caption. More like “The Truth Be Known.” But then the image would have to be changed to match.



4 thoughts on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. Key word: “tried”.
    Didn’t work.
    Bad Guys still have guns.
    Australia has more guns now than before 1996.

  2. Australia pretended to have gun confiscation. What they actually tried was victim disarmament. At that they, from what has been reported, they succeeded quite well.

    Our mistake would be to misstate the original purpose, and give it a veneer of respectability it never deserved. Make it a practice to use the term “victim disarmament” (instead of “gun control” or “gun confiscation”) and “defenseless victim zone” (instead of “gun free zone”).

  3. I wonder how many among the general population know what a dum dum is, as relates to ammunition. It’s a rather esoteric term, I should think, even among shooters nowadays. I can’t remember ever seeing it on a box of ammo for example, and I’ve read the term (for soft point, expanding bullets) maybe once or twice. I think Chuck Yeager mentioned “dum dum” bullets in his autobiography, once, in his account of escaping over the Pyrenees Mountains from France into Spain with a buddy. He indicated that he thought the German mountain patrols were using them, as his buddy got his leg shot off.

    • If you read old European books you’re more likely to know it. Basically, it’s an obsolete British term (from British India).

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