Quote of the day—Connecticut Carry

The home invasion, which was carried out on August 6, 2012, in Sharon Connecticut found the victim’s mother zip-tied with her son Luke dead from multiple gunshot wounds pleading with the dispatcher for police and an ambulance for ten minutes. At approximately 6 minutes into the call, she exclaims that ‘she doesn’t have a gun and couldn’t defend herself’ in an audible display of despair.

Politicians who are protected by armed security details like Governor Malloy, the Connecticut General Assembly and Connecticut’s Federal Representatives and Senators continually tell the public that this kind of thing doesn’t happen. That people do not need firearms to defend themselves, and worse, they create infringements on the right to armed self-defense for the citizens in Connecticut.

Connecticut Carry
January 7, 2016
Press Release: When Seconds Count the Police Are Ten Minutes Away
[These politicians need to be prosecuted.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Connecticut Carry

  1. Oh, they should be. Actually, they should be marched out to a proper backstop and shot, because their decisions have invariably caused loss of life.

    But they won’t be. They style themselves as ‘statesmen’, but what they really are, what they desire to be, are dukes, barons, and earls. Feudal lords, safe behind castles and men-at-arms while the peasantry fends for itself.

    • And indeed, disarming the peasantry is a very old practice. The brits, back 2 centuries ago, had a law that said the people were entitled to keep and bear arms “appropriate to their degree, and subject to the law”. In other words, anything for the nobles, but only sticks for the peasants. And even that only until a law was passed against it.

      No wonder the 2nd amendment is framed in such absolute terms (as are the many state constitutional articles on the same topic). Not that this has made a whole lot of practical difference: in the real world we have what amounts to the british scheme (or Hamilton’s proposal to the Constitutional Convention — look it up some time, you’ll never think highly of Hamilton again).

  2. The criminal, or predator class wants a monopoly on the use of force.

    Criminals prefer unarmed victims. Those who seek to restrict the right to bear arms are thereby indicating their allegiance with criminals.

    How many ways can we say it?

  3. Prosecuted. I’m picturing a court like the one at the end of “M”, Peter Lorre’s first starring role, called “Murderer Among Us” in Germany (Moerder Unter Uns)– or something by the Mafia. It certainly wouldn’t be initiated by their co-comspirators in the Justice Department.

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