1 thought on “Gun cartoon of the day

  1. The ironic thing about these executive orders, is that Obummer would only like us to think that he’s flexing his muscle. The most recent legal analyses I’ve read about his list of edicts is that they amount to – nothing. Nothing in there that extends any existing law. No new regulations – only guidance, which doesn’t carry the weight of law and doesn’t even have to be obeyed.

    As in most acts perpetrated by this fraud, he made a lot of noise so his uniformed fans would cheer him on, which will have zero effect on the governed. Most of his clueless supporters are unaware of the depth of the current laws governing firearms sales, possession, and use, so they actually think that he did something. Completely unaware of NICS checks, GCA’68, etc. – they figure that you can still buy Solothurns from the back of Sports Afield for $50, and have them drop-shipped to your door.

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