Sean’s dream is coming true

Laser weapons are being tested right now and they are getting close to having them on military planes:

a number of other companies are also working on lasers that might be suitable for use on the AC-130. Lockheed Martin, the aircraft’s manufacturer, is developing a 60-kilowatt-class laser for the Army, for example, and Northrop has advertised its interest in developing airborne lasers as well. AFSOC has studies under way to determine the best solution.

And they are getting small enough to put on a small truck:

General Atomics has developed another version that fits in a box 12 feet long, 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall.

60 kW is a lot of punch. A six inch diameter magnifying glass collects about 15 W (1/4000th of the power of the laser) and quickly fries an ant.

And these are going to get smaller too. A 1 kW laser rifle would seem to be plausible and useful for some tasks.

I know it could make Sean’s dream come true.


9 thoughts on “Sean’s dream is coming true

  1. Yesssssss!

    Not the part about the field bursting into flames. That’s Joe’s nightmare.

  2. My bulletproof vest must now become a retro reflector.

    Along with tracer bullets, laser weapons will be banned at most ranges. Fire starting would be their primary feature.

  3. I note that recent news articles show the Chinese military are already fielding infantry laser rifles designed to blind the enemy. Russian naval vessels have used laser “rangefinders” to blind pilots of US helicopters flying near them. And it is common knowledge that many laser rangefinders on tanks, APCs, helicopters, etc., can be used to blind troops on the ground.

    If the purpose of a weapon is to eliminate the enemy’s ability to use force, blinding soldiers may work as well as putting holes in them.

    • Elect Libertarians?

      The reality is that socialist party A and socialist party B both like to disarm the peasantry. One makes it explicit; the other is more subtle about it.

  4. Sean’s dream has been true. All weapons are energy weapons. Err . . . Most weapons

  5. When I get a hold of a “phased plasma rifle in the 40-watt range” will the DOJ require that the batteries are only good for a few shots? Will they limit the rate of fire because only a Terminator would need full auto. Would a barrel shroud (i.e. “the thing that goes up”) to dissipate the enormous heat be considered an “assault” feature?

    So many questions about my future tech.

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