From ABC’s Zoe Daniel:

The President is expected to expand background checks for people buying weapons from high-volume gun dealers — despite the fact guns used in mass shootings have often been legally obtained.

And I expect ABC and Daniel to continue saying nonsensical things and failing to elaborating on the nonsense they know the anti-gun politicians use to infringe upon our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms.


1 thought on “Expectations

  1. Great, so they hate “high capacity” mags and ban them whenever given the opportunity. Now they want to ban “high capacity dealers” as well?

    For guns, the standard (high) cap mag is only one of the defining features of a so-called “assault weapon.” It needs to be semi-automatic and have at least one other defining feature. So is a high capacity dealer one that semi-automatically sells guns, and has a shoulder thing that goes up?

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