Lentil run

I had orders for a couple hundred pounds of lentils and I had essentially run out of lentils at home as well so Brother Doug cleaned and bagged them for me. Yesterday I picked up six 50 pound bags and brought them back to the Seattle area for delivery. The snow made it a little marginal to get my vehicle close to the cleaning shed but even though the car was dragging its bottom on the snow I made it in and out:

Here are the first 100 pounds to be delivered:



6 thoughts on “Lentil run

  1. atsa lot of lentil soup, which i like. i prefer a good split pea soup, made from actual dried peas, and prepared w/ real live hocks, celery and onions. oyster crackers are the best to go along w/ it.

    but, lentils ain’t bad. 100 pounds would be a good start. what is that, about a lifetime’s supply? laughing.

    • Not even close to a lifetime’s supply. I’ve bought multiple hundred pound bags from Joe’s brother a few times, and while I’m not about to run out, I’m sure I will again this year or next when I’m out that way for boomershoot.

      Hmmm… I wonder if you could “sandbag” the bunker with those for added bullet protection? Eh, likely not, but they’d look cool.

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