Boomershoot 2016 prep

First a quick reminder that entry for Boomershoot 2016 is now open for everyone now. Sign up here. There are almost half of the positions still available.

I made a Christmas Day pilgrimage to Boomershoot Mecca. The things I do for this event…

The county road was compact snow but that wasn’t a real problem. The road into Mecca was more problematic:


If I had really wanted to drive in I probably could have shoveled the berm away and made it in and probably back out again. But I had snowshoes with me and didn’t really want to risk getting stuck. My best option for getting help to get unstuck was brother Doug who was 40 miles away and wouldn’t be back until late. I went the snowshoe route.

Even though it was very cloudy and snowing it was pretty:


I installed the last coat rack, warmed my toes, dug the foam insulation out from around the 2500 watt inverter, tidied up, and did an inventory of supplies.

The temperature inside when I arrived was 32F. After an hour or so the 1500 Watt heater warmed it up to 39F. It was pretty nice in there.






4 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2016 prep

    • I saw that. I get an email whenever someone signs up.

      It’s great to know you are attending again!

      Did you ever hear from Brian? He and his wife have position 46 reserved.

  1. I’m thinking that plow berm is more likely cored with ice, which is what compressed snow becomes. (ran a Willys Wagon w/plow in my teens, nearly 50 yrs ago)
    I see that vista, and I’m thinking x-country skis, not snowshoes. Do you choose them for movement safety, as opposed to speed, or does storage/transport ability tip the choice? I haven’t used either, so no personal bias toward one, other than an appreciation for moving quickly with conservation of energy.

    • I’ve never tried cross country skis. Can they go up hills very well? I have some steep hills I sometimes need to get up and down. I just assumed going up the hills would be very difficult on skis and so I never considered them.

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