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So, how do liberals get their wish for a disarmed, subservient population? Because all this talk of gun banning – and now they are finally admitting that they want to take our guns – raises some practical questions. Not least among them is how you get a hundred million-plus armed citizens to cheerfully turn over their firearms at the behest of a bunch of liberals who have nothing but contempt for normal Americans.

Don’t count on our guys in uniform killing or dying to please a bunch of coastal liberals determined to turn American citizens into defenseless subjects. And the special snowflake spawn of the coastal elites certainly aren’t going to emerge from their safe spaces and gender studies seminars to suit up in Kevlar and kick in doors in Middle America.

Kurt Schlichter
December 17, 2015
Here’s What A Liberal ‘Gun-Grab’ Would Look Like And Why It Would Ultimately Fail
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. There will never be house to house mass confiscation. They will pick on an individual here and there bring the full force of government to rest on him, not unlike what they did to D’Souza except it will be worse because we will be labeled violent extremists. They will be out to make examples and will ruin people. In such a situation, the number of compliant cops needed is small. there are already many in states like New York, California, New Jersey etc that enforce their draconian laws. There will also be the factor that there will be few enough of these prosecutions that even the sympathetic police will not risk their careers or lively hood to resist. German prison guards were not all cruel people, but they were afraid of the consequences of non compliance.

    A mass effort would be a failure and everyone on both sides knows it. They will use the Governmental version of 4th generation warfare in it’s place. Will it be enough to get people away from their big screen TV’s and into the streets? I wish I knew.

    • That all seems plausible. It describes a long war of attrition, but so for the numbers are going in the opposite direction as Americans arm up in record numbers.

      They’ll need something far more powerful than what they’ve been using so far. You’ve described, essentially, a series of Waco incidents. That won’t do. We’ve already openly declared, “No more free Wacos!” So what’s next? They’ll have to pull out some new tactic.

      The history of authoritarian movements is replete with examples. The next step is to turn the carefully disenfranchised, the angry leftists, the newly arrived imports, the disaffected, the greedy and the hopeless (the “organized community” if you will) into sanctified goons of the state. Can’t get enough home-grown cops or military to go along? No problem. Lots of people hate the U.S. and would love to kick some American ass in exchange for the opportunity for some fine looting. It isn’t difficult to find them. Obama’s bringing them in by the hundreds of thousands.

      That’s all batshit insane, I know, but I believe the leftist radicals in power are thinking it and acting on it.

      So the point is, they have a ways to go.

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