Quote of the day—donna in evanston

Yes, restrict gun ownership.  Eliminate concealed carry.  Ban semi-automatic weapons.  Ban handguns.  Make it damned hard to buy a gun. Make a gun purchase take years.  Investigate the shit out of whomever wants a gun.  Then post the names of the gun owners all over the Internet and list them in the newspapers… right next to the obituaries.

donna in evanston
December 14, 2012
Yes, Mr. President, Take Their Guns Away
[Don’t ever let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. We are pretty far along on this spectrum in NJ. You are a criminal until proven otherwise. Most of the people here are OK with since that is the way they have been socialized. At least I live in the deep red section of Hunterdon County.

    • Tom,

      You make a great point regarding the socialization of the population. Even down in Texas, we have urbanistas, suburbanites and migrants who don’t come from a “gun culture” or as you point out a non firearms aware culture.

      I (like most here) take any opportunity to expand folks comfort level with firearms or even better, use of firearms. One or two at a time…

      • Jeff, I am with you. I go out of my way, when appropriate, to mention that I own guns, have been a member of the NRA my entire adult life, etc. On a personal basis I want them to know that gun owners are not nut jobs, etc. My own little “I am the NRA” campaign. Grass roots – not astroturf. I have written emails to reporters (nicely) pointing out the mistakes they have made in their gun stories. Here in NJ they almost never cover the permitting process. You cannot even handle a gun (including a Red Ryder BB gun) in a gun store here without a Firearms ID card. It’s crazy.

  2. Can you imagine how she would react to gun controllers names being posted?

    And no, you can’t have any of that, honey.

  3. A miserable fascistic Progressive. Do as I say, or else. BTW, I know what’s best for all.

    I’d venture a guess that she has no idea of how deeply the regard for our rights goes or the fact that there are many, many people who would regard such schemes as she proposes as illegal and stand inactive opposition to them and those that sought to impose them.

    Unintended Consequences. Especially if you’re a dim witted Progressive lemming.

  4. Will we all be totally safe once we’ve been forcibly stripped of our means of defending ourselves, once we’ve thus proven ourselves to be totally controllable? What could possibly go wrong after that?

    What might a government do, when it has so much power that it could forcibly remove all means of self defense from the citizenry and get away with it? What sorts of people would be most attracted to positions within that government where they might wield that power?

    You know the answers perfectly well, but do the average, rank and file leftists even consider the questions? The more disgusting prospect is; they sure as hell do. What sort of person longs for zero opposition to brutality?

  5. personally, i am all for registering idiots. kinda gets to the root of most of the left’s problems, very quickly.

    and, as to the civil war, the sooner the better.

  6. Donna, like most gun control advocates, absolutely cannot recognize any positive benefits to firearms ownership. They simply fixate 100% on violence where firearms are involved. So, of course, they want drastic action taken against them. They don’t care if it might cause civil war or get their neighbors arrested or killed for observing a Constitutionally recognized right.

    They have no acknowledgment of deterrence, DGUs and aborted crimes, and the counter weight to governmental tyranny that firearms provide.

    If I viewed automobiles, bathtubs, swimming pools, kitchen knives, or ladders with this lop-sided perspective, then I would be calling for bans on everything!

    Actually, that is what Progressives and non-thinking, but sincerely “feeling” Leftists do. They want to ban salt, soda drinks, firearms, trigger words, CO2 emissions, and so on.

    Funny though, for their pet projects they demand total societal acceptance for them such as abortion, homosexuality, illicit drugs, illegal immigration, and islam.

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