This is what they think of you

If you own a gun or are thinking of owning a gun for personal protection you need to know what some of the anti-gun people think of you. This is from Green Bay 4 Bernie‏@BernieNda4 (H/T to Linoge for the tweet):

there is no such thing as self defence it is murder

Now that you know that you can comfortable ignore or mock them and anything else they might have to say on the topic of guns.


8 thoughts on “This is what they think of you

  1. I just spent a few minutes (wasted minutes, I assure you) perusing this half-wit’s rantings. Did you know that guns are racist? I had no idea that inanimate objects could be that way – but, considering that most of my firearms are black, and we seem to get along just fine, I reject his theory.

  2. I wonder if Green Bay 4 Bernie@BernieNda4 would appreciate the use of firearms by police to protect him? Of course that is merely parasitic to rely on the police to do the dirty work for them. Would he change his opinion if there were no policemen around and it was up to him to use a firearm to defend himself?

    The hypocrisy of the viewpoint is quickly illustrated when they are the ones about to be raped and murdered. It’s amazing that most suddenly appreciate self-defense if it is their own life on the line. If they are so staunchly anti-violence and succumb to their predator, well, at least they were consistent in their flawed views; but they are still dead.

  3. I once had a discussion about armed self defense in comments somewhere with a guy who honestly had that point of view. When I asked him why he valued the life of a violent criminal over his life and the lives of his family, he said that he’d defend himself and his family from an attacker by using whatever was at hand (like a table lamp), but if in doing so he happened to strike and kill his attacker he hoped (practically demanded) that he would be arrested and charged with murder and put on trial.

    So, yes, they are out there and no, that may not be sarcasm or mockery or parody.

    • I have known people with the viewpoint as well

      Just my opinion, but I happen to think that in centuries/ages/eons past, this was self correcting.

      When anyone can find vids on youtube of rabbits defending themselves, the only conclusion I can come to is that these people are suffering from some sort of mental illness.

      Whether it’s a congenital malformation of their brain’s synapses caused by a genetic mutation, or caused by something else, these people are dangerous, not just to themselves but to society as a whole.

  4. This may be fake, or not. I remember comments from a “mainstream” church minister (perhaps episcopalian or a similar rapidly fading outfit) to the effect that self defense was bad because “criminals are our brothers, too”.
    PS. This blog’s machinery is acting strangely: the “Not in his lifetime” post doesn’t allow comments, and I’ve seen that on or or two other new posts recently as well. (I know posts older than some number of weeks disallow comments, but these were brand new ones.)

    • The blog software was upgraded about a week ago and all sorts of strange things are happening. I enabled comments for that post. If you see something else wacky let me know. Email ( or a text message (208-301-4254) work too.

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