I was rearranging some things and came across this brick of .22 LR with only four boxes left in it. I decided to throw the bigger box away and just stack the four boxes (of 50 rounds each) on the shelf rather than taking up all the space with the bigger box they were in:


I don’t recall when I purchased this. It could have been 15 or more years ago. But the point is the price. $11.99 for 500 rounds. That’s $0.024 per round. These days I think it’s great deal if I can find any brand of .22LR for under $0.10 per round.

I think we can blame the high price of exercising our specific enumerated right to keep and bear arms on the Democrats.


5 thoughts on “Inflation

  1. Their goal is to make it expensive and legally perilous so that people will forgo the right.

    Their antics amount to a poll tax.

    Would anyone tolerate registration, a waiting period, or a special tax or fee for the purchase of a Bible?

    How about limits on the length of a blog or governmental prior content approval or outright censorship of our comments?

    I’m tired of the Second Amendment being treated by the Democrats like the crazy uncle you keep down in the basement when polite guests come calling. The Bill of Rights is not an a la carte menu where some apply and others are ignored. The states all signed on to the Constitution and BOR to join the Union. They need to be reminded of that…hey I’m looking at you California, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut and other liberal hellholes.

  2. I seem to recall back in late 1966 (I was 15) when I got my first .22 rifle that a box of 50 rounds of .22LR was about 50 cents. Maybe more, maybe less. Can’t say for certain, that will soon be 50 years since I used allowance money to buy ammo. You remember allowance, don’t you?

  3. When I started shooting in the late 1990s, .22LR was available in paper milk cartons, 1000 rounds, for $9.99. That was the dirty-shooting Federal stuff, or the Rem Golden Bullets which looked like they were spray painted with a brass wash over the lead.

    And I chose to shoot 9mm rather than .45, because I could shoot twice as much for the same price. 50 rounds of Blazer FMJ 115 grain for $3, so just less than a dollar per magazine in my Glock 19. Ahh, good memories.

  4. There’s inflation specifically of guns & ammo, which we can clearly blame on Democrats.
    Then there is inflation generally, which we can blame on all politicians equally, as well as on the Fed which has been in charge of creating it for a century now.
    It never ceases to amaze me that the Fed states very explicitly that they aim at 2% inflation. That, and the fact that politicians as well as most alleged economists claim that deflation is bad. This of course is nonsense.
    Deflation in large amounts when caused by incompetent management of fiat money is indeed bad. So is all other forms of monetary mismanagement. But when you have real money — gold, as opposed to paper created by politicians — prices reflect productivity, and productivity increases over time for most things. (Dramatically so for some: computers have undergone severe deflation ever since they were invented, and no one has ever claimed that this is bad. QED.) Also, artisanal products are mostly exempt, there productivity is roughly constant, which goes to explain why a nice suit still costs the same (in real money) as it did for Cicero.

  5. hey don’t forget there’s plenty of Republicans that want your guns/ammo/income too

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