6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bob

  1. We should confiscate all firearms!
    It really means someone other than I should take away their guns.
    Those people have pistols and rifles and ammo and somebody might shoot me.
    You there, go take away the guns and report back when your done.
    I’ll be hiding in my room with my guards.
    When they are done , we’ll find something else we can take away.

  2. He gets right to the point.

    Yep, I agree.

    I don’t think “they” believe that there are more than a handful of folks left that have a spine and the inclination to act.

    • “They” are delusional. Since they have no principles of their own, they cannot comprehend that others do. For them, owning a an expensive collection of firearms has no meaning other than the monetary investment. So, as long as you are “fairly compensated” (or not, depending on the liberal floating the idea) you shouldn’t have any qualms in giving up your guns – it should theoretically be like recalling a defective car seat or baby crib, after all, it’s for the children.

      What they also don’t comprehend, of course, is that guns – while not totems in and of themselves – are representative of, and a means of securing, some degree of personal freedom and liberty. Since that’s an outdated concept, which they also don’t grok, the idea of owning dangerous tools to secure an outmoded way of thinking is even more incredulous.

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