Quote of the day—Patrick J. Buchanan

… the media have played right into Trump’s hand.

They constantly denounce him as grossly insensitive for what he has said about women, Mexicans, Muslims, McCain and a reporter with a disability. Such crimes against decency, says the press, disqualify Trump as a candidate for president.

Yet, when they demand he apologize, Trump doubles down. And when they demand that Republicans repudiate him, the GOP base replies:

“Who are you to tell us whom we may nominate? You are not friends. You are not going to vote for us. And the names you call Trump — bigot, racist, xenophobe, sexist — are the names you call us, nothing but cuss words that a corrupt establishment uses on those it most detests.”

What the Trump campaign reveals is that, to populists and Republicans, the political establishment and its media arm are looked upon the way the commons and peasantry of 1789 looked upon the ancient regime and the king’s courtiers at Versailles.

Patrick J. Buchanan
December 3, 2015
Why Liberal Media Hate Trump
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Patrick J. Buchanan

  1. He’s misreading the situation. The liberal media *loves* Trump. He’s totally taken the pressure off Hillary. (Hey, where are those e-mails?) He’s a 24-hour news cycle all by himself. They look shocked in front of the camera and are snickering back in the dressing rooms.

    It’s the conservative media and the establishment politicians that are rather flummoxed. Like one conservative hostess said today “I’m supposed to defend Japanese internment camps now?”

    As a liberal, I hope Trump is the Republican nominee. (Well, I was hoping for either him or Carson because both of them are pretty awful.)

    • Who is this “conservative media” you speak of?
      Yes, the Republican Party Establishment is ticked off, because they don’t control him, and The Party is every bit as much about control as the Dems, just a slightly different shade of statism.
      The Democrats are pissed off because he’s not letting them control the narrative (the media is already totally on board with slow-walking anything negative for Hillary).
      As a liberal… well, it totally depends on how you define liberal. If you mean liberty (free speech, gun rights, deregulation) than you can’t get much worse than Hillary. If you mean government control of damn near everything, then the major party preferred candidates are nearly interchangeable.

        • You can’t help making ad hominym attacks, can you? You can’t bear to even name a company, as though it’s an evil omen to mention a company-which-shall-not-be-named, only slandered continually, because to do so will make the slanders become true.

          FOX is less far-nuts left than the other major networks, but they are far from strongly conservative. And you cite NBC as a source? They are may as well be the official propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, moonlighting for the various communists and any other anti-American factions within (or without) the nation.

  2. The 1789 analogy is interesting, because that was a revolution that totally destroyed liberty, bringing instead bloodshed and totalitarianism. I wonder if Buchanan meant to suggest an analogy between Trump and Robespierre, or Marais, or Buonaparte.
    Clearly the establishment is worried, for the reasons mentioned. Also because, whether as Republican nominee or as a third party candidate (which he has indicated he will be) the fear is that he’ll hand the win to Hillary.
    My main fear is that he’ll win, and then go to show us that he means what he’s saying, namely that he will shred the Constitution and stomp it into dust.

    An interesting possibility is Trump as a third party candidate, winning enough electors to throw the election to the House of Representatives — something not seen since 1824.

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