Boomershoot to remember Scott Keszler

At Boomershoot 2016 Janelle is going to do a slide show for Scott Keszler who has been a big part of Boomershoot for many years and passed away just before Thanksgiving.

Janelle says:

If you have pictures, stories, or quotes regarding Scott, please email them to me with Scott’s name in the subject line so I can add them to the slide show.


2 thoughts on “Boomershoot to remember Scott Keszler

  1. Any idea if he was particularly religious or not, and if so what flavor?

    I’m working on a book right now about the founding of an order of Catholic (well, sort’a, anyway) monks that shoot a bit…. Well, quite a lot, actually.

    I’m curious if he’d be amused or appalled if he wound up in the dedication.

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