We are at war

Via a link on Facebook by Greg Hamilton we have pictures of the (fake) car bomb (see also here) the Islamic wannabe terrorist tried to detonate and murder 25,000 people in Portland Oregon in 2010:


To me, one of the more interesting parts of the story is this:

The evidence admitted at trial provided the public a rare glimpse at FBI techniques used in terrorism sting investigations. Most terrorism cases don’t go to trial; they often end in a guilty plea instead.

This is consistent with what Greg said on Facebook and what I have heard hints of before:

Dozens of these have been prevented. Some so early they never became a story.

Carry your gun. It almost for certain won’t help with a real car bomb but it could be very useful in a mass shooting incident.

War has been repeatedly declared on us by these people. We are at war whether you want to believe it or not.


11 thoughts on “We are at war

    • The FBI did make the “bomb” didn’t they?
      Would they have gone through with it on there own?

  1. Since the Iranian Hostage Taking in ’79, though I could make a case for all the OTHER “Religion of Peace” members who were starting their Attacks in the 60s.

  2. People who yell “entrapment” don’t know the law. Entrapment occurs when the police cause a person, who is not otherwise inclined, to commit an illegal act. Giving a person who has criminal intent an opportunity to commit his crime is not entrapment. A good example is the john stings that are periodically run in most cities. The john is already in the market; he is just given an opportunity to do his thing.
    I don’t believe you can talk someone into committing mass murder, especially a religion-based mass murder, if he doesn’t already have the intent to do it. If you see how that’s possible, please enlighten me.
    Of course, there’s always the possibility that the “entrapment”-criers are just hard-core cop haters. Or terrorist sympathizers.

    • Obviously someone at some point turns an innocent child into a jihadist. Or do you believe that It is purely genetic, that one is conceived in the womb as a jihadist and born a jihadist?

      So you see it’s not a question of whether a person becomes mesmerized into being a jihadist, but when and how, and at what point his transformation is finalized.

      We can turn this around just a little bit by asking you; being that the FBI are essentially Obama’s people, and before that they were Bush’s and Clinton’s people, do you have 100% trust in absolutely everything they say and do? Or are you a cop hater?

  3. Oh, I’m very familiar with how that works. Basically anything short of holding a gun to the suspect’s head isn’t supposed to count. But I’m not convinced that they didn’t egg him on somehow (being careful not to leave behind any indication of having crossed the line), or that–if they hadn’t gotten involved–anything worse would have happened. I also think that it is highly significant that nothing actually did happen.

    I don’t think it is necessary to hate cops or to be a terrorist sympathizer to maintain a healthy level of skepticism to what we are told, especially from official sources that have a vested interest in making themselves look good to the public.

    Oh, and your conditioning is showing.

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  5. Entrapment? I see the risk of that. But did you read the articles I linked to? They encouraged him to pray and other options rather than take physical action. He insisted he wanted to kill people.

    Still, I don’t trust the government to tell us the truth. Maybe they did convert him just to get an arrest and conviction. It’s hard to say. But do you think you could be radicalized sufficiently to do what he thought he was going to be able to accomplish?

    Maybe I’m missing something. But here I see the FBI pushing on the edge of the rules but not going over the line.

    • Yes, I read them. I still disagree with you, but I think you make a fair point.

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