7 thoughts on “Cumulative

  1. Great job. I’m at #79 here, so one unit for the 10 Gallon pin… Next target for me is 100 units but that will take a few years…

  2. Hat’s off to you. I used to donate, but after being stationed in Germany for too long at the wrong time, I am permanently barred.

    • Yup, same here. Different reason, tho. Planned on doing it regularly, only got to my first gallon when they said “nope, no more.” I was still in the Army Reserve at the time, and was rather bummed.
      Still am, actually.

  3. That’s one of the forms of charity in which I’ve indulged. largely at the urging of Robert Heinlein in his works and notes.

    I got up to my 5 gallon pin before I had my cervical fusion, and was prohibited from donating for a year. Now I’ve got some auto-immune problems, and they’ve told me that I wont be able to donate any more.

    It’s a form of giving that simply can’t be done any other way, and the recipients are grateful for your donation.

  4. I’m a man who loves donating blood, but unfortunately for the blood banks I also fell in love with another man.

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