Quote of the day—Dana Loesch

Women think it’s not a world for them and I say the hell with that! It absolutely is. I believe if you can drive a car you can handle and shoot a gun.

Dana Loesch
April 18, 2015
Dana Loesch – Truly A Well Armed Woman
[Actually, in many circumstances, you can shoot a gun safely and effectively even when you can’t drive a car.—Joe]


5 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Dana Loesch

  1. She’s speaking to women for whom driving a car is second nature, and who thought that there was nothing unusual about a woman driving a car since they were at least 5 years old. Her intended audience, if it would, for a moment, think outside the Leftist indoctrination, find it sexist and offensive and unforgivable that Saudi Arabia does not allow women to drive.

    And yes, you can use a gun safely and effectively, and with proper lethality even if you can’t drive a car. The Colt wasn’t called the Equalizer for nothing (and the anti-liberty Leftists don’t forget that for a minute).

    • I think she is speaking to men who are going to think she is speaking to women…. 😉

  2. Guns are pretty simple mechanical devices, with a minimum of controls to manipulate: A slide and slide latch, or cylinder latch, a trigger, perhaps a manual safety, maybe a magazine catch and a magazine.

    Think of what you need to manipulate to drive a car safely: Gas pedal, brake pedal, parking brake, steering wheel, turn signals, gear shift (and perhaps a clutch), headlight switch, hi/low beam switch, windshield wipers, washer fluid sprayer, window controls, door locks and door handles, seatbelt, gas cap, windshield defroster. And that’s just the stuff you need to drive the car, and doesn’t include things like heating/conditioned air, seat adjustments, radio/CD player, entertainment system with a DVD player so you don’t have to listen to the kids whining if you are there yet, GPS system, and all the other doo-dads modern cars seem to come with.

    So the idea that you can manage to drive a car safely, but can’t manage a handgun, is simply ludicrous on the face of it if you give it any real thought.

  3. I would trust a woman with a gun before I would trust her with a car — and that’s based on seeing them handle both.

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