First rocket VTOL?

This is pretty cool. Via Drudge. With video.

A rocket with landing gear. We saw that in books and SciFi movies all our lives. Never thought it would take this long, but apparently it’s difficult.

Better book yourself a flight. You get four minutes of free-fall, and the best “roller coaster” ride yet. Once they can go orbital it’ll cost more for a ticket I bet.


3 thoughts on “First rocket VTOL?

  1. Four minutes of weightlessness at the top of a suborbital trajectory?

    They call the astronaut training plane that has 30 seconds of weightlessness the “Vomit Comet” for a reason.

    But the rocket will have a much better view out those windows.

  2. It’s nice to live in the shiny sci-fi future where rockets land on their tail, just as God and Bob Heinlein intended.

  3. Not the first VTOL rocket that would be the DC-X in 93, Nor as big as the Grasshopper test rocket by SpaceX. However it is the first rocket to have VTOL that is planned to be operational.

    I think they are planning a enlarged two stage version as a orbital capable follow-on but Blue Origin is so secretive that that is not clear to me.

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