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Democrats aren’t doing this because they think it’s the only possible way to prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons. We know this because we’ve established that the attorney general already has all the power she needs to indict, arrest, convict, and sentence known, dangerous terrorists. Democrats are doing this because they think it will benefit them politically. In the wake of a massive terrorist attack on free, innocent people in Paris, Washington Democrats have decided that their real enemy isn’t ISIS. Just like Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton declared in a recent debate, their real enemies are Republicans.

And they’ll do whatever they can to defeat these dangerous electoral terrorists…even if it requires the wholesale elimination of the constitutional right to due process.

Sean Davis
Co-founder of The Federalist
November 23, 2015
Sorry Democrats, But There Is No ‘Loophole’ That Allows Terrorists To Legally Buy Guns
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


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  1. “…their real enemies are Republicans.”

    Wrong. The Progressive movement would have gotten absolutely nowhere without continuous help from Republicans.

    Their real enemy is liberty. Republicans do not stand for liberty.

    • True, in part. Very few Republicans have any respect for the Constitution. (As far as I can tell, no Democrat does.)
      As far as liberty is concerned, neither stands for it, but Democrats attack it more thoroughly and more blatantly than most Republicans. So by the lesser-evil rule, Republicans are to be preferred.
      For example, Democrats want to take your guns — that’s part of their party principles. Republicans may or may not, so your odds are a little better.

    • It’s no different that when the Nazis attacked communists. They were competing for mindshare.

      As the Republican representatives are attacked the most likely winners of mindshare the Republicans lose is the Democrats. If they could eliminate all Republicans they would have far more power. So, the immediate goal is the defeat of their enemy Republicans. Once that is achieved defeat of liberty is relatively easy.

      • Republicans and Democrats are not enemies. You’re allowing yourself to be confused. It’s a false dichotomy. A lie. A trick. A Schlick. A ruse. A game. A con.

        Republicans do not work to defeat Democrats. They work with them. They need them like the “good cop” needs the “bad cop”– They’re working together to bring you to the same place. Therefore we cannot defeat the Democrats until we defeat the Republicans who stand in the way.

        Once you realize that, the sharpness of your vision will improve considerably. If you continue to hang on to lies, you will forever be confused and frustrated.

        I know; That “good cop” is a really nice guy. He brings you coffee and sandwiches, and “protects you” from that mean ol’ “bad cop”. He’s got your back in this, right? And once they’ve fucked you over and you’re in prison, they’ll go out for drinks together and celebrate yet another victory. That’s our “two party” system.

        • Your “good cop”, “bad cop” is a straw man in this case. I don’t think the Republicans are my friends any more than I think the Communists or the Nazis are (or were) my friends. The Communists and Nazis were enemies of each other as well as the enemies of liberty. I view the Republicans and the Democrats in a similar light.

          • Yes, but I believe Lyle’s point is that R and D are not enemies *of the other*. Both are the enemies of freedom; they are, in Neil Smith’s words, “socialist party A and socialist party B”.

    • There are two possibilities, not mutually exclusive, that would make the statement that the Democrats’ “real enemies are Republicans” true:

      1. The Republicans at least sometimes pay lip service to the idea that the Constitution places some constraints on the power of the Federal government. To the extent that the Democrats want to eliminate that idea from political discourse, the Republicans are the largest identifiable enemy they must defeat.

      2. To a Bolshevik, his real enemy is a Menshevik. After all, they both believe in the inevitable collectivization of mankind. When the inevitable (in their minds) happens, the two factions will square off for ultimate rule over the collective, and the results won’t be pretty, especially for the Mensheviks. After that, we’ll see the battle between different factions of Bolsheviks. Well, *we* probably won’t see that battle; if the collectivists win, we’ll mostly be dead by then, as there’s no likely haven to which the survivors among us can flee (except, perhaps, The Redoubt)….

      As a side note, whatever spelling checker is checking my spelling in this comment recognizes “Bolshevik” as a correct spelling, but considers “Menshevik” to be a misspelled word. Indeed, when I right-click on “Menshevik,” I get the helpful suggestion that I meant to type “Bolshevik.” That pretty much proves my second point, does it not?

      • Furthermore, once the Mensheviks have been eliminated, the enemies of the Bolsheviks are other Bolsheviks. (Just ask Trotsky.)
        And that all makes perfect sense. If you intend to be a dictator, everyone like you is an enemy.

  2. The Republicans’ job, other than cooperating with Democrats, has been to turn down the heat so the frog in the water reaches a disabling temperature before he realizes what’s happening. They placate conservatives to keep them from acting. That is a critically important job, not to be dismissed. The Progressive movement would not have gotten so far without the Republicans running interference for Democrats against conservatives and libertarians. Individual Republicans may or may not be aware of the role they’re playing to demoralize society, empower the state and erode liberty, but the results are the same either way. One can be an effective player in a movement and never know it. So are they the Stupid Party, the Coward Party or the Evil Party?

    Yes. We would be better off if they were merely worthless, but their combination of stupidity, cowardice, worthlessness and evil make them much worse. We deserve it though, because we keep electing them as they lie to us over and over, like an abused spouse who can’t make the decision to leave the abuser.
    “Hey, Baby; it’ll be different this time! Honest! Come back Sweetheart! You know I love you!”

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