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Everything went black the moment the idiotic CNN talking head used the Paris bloodbath to push for American gun control, and then hand-wring over fears of a unicorn known as the “anti-Muslim backlash.”

John Nolte
November 14, 2015
Why CNN Is Dying: Paris Bloodbath Used to Push Gun Control
[I welcome the efforts to use terrorist attacks such as the incident in Paris for gun control efforts. Rational people only have to think about it for a few seconds before dismissing gun control efforts as idiotic in this context.

As noted by Sebastian there is a surge in people seeking concealed carry license. This is attributed to the Paris attacks. Politicians attempting to make guns harder to get will find their plans do poorly at the polls. Think of this as an intelligence test for politicians. If they say and do stupid things then they get their failed test results at the polls.—Joe]


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  1. It’s all they know how to do. They’re trapped in a vortex of stupid. No way out.

    My first comment after learning of the Paris attack was to say that they’d call for better relations with Islam and push for more gun control. Both the opposite of logic and both now boringly predictable. It is a perfect replay of the Neville Chamberlain mindset that helped bring on WW II. It is a smug, superior rejection of basic principles and common sense, demonstrating to our enemies that we’re ripe for the picking. “Come and get us! We’re bloody clueless and proud of it.”

    A year after Chamberlain signed his agreement with Hitler, thinking himself the cleverest man on he planet, London was on fire from German bombs. Then the English started begging Americans for guns. We will repeat that same mistake over and over.

    • Except eventually, no Americans will be willing to “send a gun to defend a British home”. When they don’t appreciate them, and destroy them instead of returning them, we stop sending them.

      • Yep. Although at some point they just might wake up, and if (and I mean “if”) they wake up we should be ready to welcome them back to sanity and offer such help as we can. The temporary satisfaction of seeing our European (former) allies fall to annihilation due to their own stupidity after we’ve been warning them for decades would come at a high price.

    • Since the war against these terrorists is an ideological war, the best way to combat it is through the use of peaceful Muslims (not the terrorists). We aren’t going to be able to bomb our way out of this war.

      • I agree with your first sentence. But I also think it is possible to “bomb our way” to victory. It would be extremely ugly with many, many innocent victims. But I think it is possible.

        • It’s not possible. They may give up their “state,” but they will just spread out like roaches. The only way to kill them is to stop creating new ones — and you are going to need the peaceful Muslims to help in that.

          I heard something yesterday about Hillary Clinton and why she insists on using jihadists to describe them. They want to be called “Islamic” because they believe they are the true representatives of the religion. By using the word, you are giving them what they want — which is why she refuses to use it.

          • So you say if we fight them, we lose, if we surrender, we lose. So, are you planning on converting, or being dhimmi?

            Yes, sometimes war is the answer. But not the lack-luster clueless faux-war we have now. If the moderates see what a western-style total war looks like if they don’t get their radicals in line, then they’ll start pointing a lot of them out to us. We have the technology, we just don’t have the will. we haven’t heard a lot out of Japan since we made them face what a really angry western war-maker can do.

            Yes, a lot of people will die. No shit. A lot of people will die no matter what we do, or don’t do. But letting them destroy western civ via demographics and immigration and the welfare state is really, REALLY stupid, unless you somehow think that Islamic culture is better in most measures than western culture.

          • It’s not possible.

            You are demonstrating a lack of imagination. It is most certainly possible. Maybe not very likely but that is due to political and moral considerations — not technical or physical constraints.

      • Great. Find us some that aren’t in hiding because the moment they speak out, some lunatic hacks off their head while yelling ‘Allahu akbar!’.

        Failing that, we should probably make it brutally expensive to try to kill us. I’m thinking cluster bombs and FAE.

      • HAHAHAHAHAAAHAHA!!!! This is an ideological war??!?!? Do you think the dead and injured in Paris think this is an ideological war? I bet they think this is pretty much a kill or be killed war. You are painfully stupid, and just as stuck in YOUR ideology as Joan Peterson and the rest of the brain-damaged, gun-control miscreants.

  2. An extremist mohammedian wants to cut your head off. A moderate, or peaceful mohammedian wants an extremist mohammedian to cut your head off. Convert, submit, or die: Those are those choices the adherents to this twisted, psychotic, pseudo-religious political system offer us “non-believers.”

    I prefer a fourth option.

  3. Sarah Hoyt laid out a very good perspective on the relationship between violent and peaceful Muslims the other day. She also talks about the relationship between our domestic culture wars and the global threat from violent muslims.

    at her blog

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