You only have to extrapolate a little

King County contains Seattle and many of the surrounding cities. So this is in deep blue territory. And yet King Co. Sheriff asks off-duty officers to carry guns, extra mags after Paris attacks:

King County Sheriff John Urquhart has instructed off-duty deputies to carry their sidearm with extra magazines, following the deadly Paris attacks.

The violence in Paris prompted the sheriff to request, via a letter to his deputies, that off-duty officers be armed with their service weapons and extra magazines of ammo should a terrorist attack hit the Puget Sound region.

The King County Sheriff’s Office has 700 commissioned officers, according to Urquhart. While off-duty deputies were once required to carry their service weapon wherever they went, that is not the case currently.

You only have to extrapolate a little bit to come to the conclusion that the thousands of private citizens with concealed carry permits in the county would dramatically improve the odds of a Paris like attack running into armed resistance in the first few seconds instead of having free rein for several minutes.


4 thoughts on “You only have to extrapolate a little

  1. It also demonstrates that when push comes shove, all but the most insane leftists understand that being able to fight back is better than being a helpless victim. That sheriff will be looked upon with some suspicion for having demonstrated such a truism.

    All leftists, however, would prefer that a government employee fight back. No matter the circumstances, if you or I were to thwart a jihadist attack, the authoritarians would feel as though something had been unfairly taken from them. A policeman or FBI agent might get a commendation or a medal, whereas you or I would do well to avoid prosecution.

    All leftists, no matter how cognizant, need the existence of some helpless victims. It is one of their requirements for basic survival. Just as with criminals, if they don’t have an adequate supply of helpless victims, they’ll create them. Don’t think that just because they will occasionally take logical, common sense steps to avoid becoming victims, they want you to be able do defend yourself. That’s far too big a leap for any leftist. They need victims, and you will satisfy their need just as well as anyone else.

  2. I always thought the deal with Sheriff Deputies is that they always were packing and their sheriff car stayed with them when they went home, that way maximizing the time a deputy can be “on.”

    Color me surprised that King County, a huge county, didn’t have a always armed policy. I wonder if that is something Sue Rahr changed.

    • I don’t recall Rahr being anti-gun in the slightest. What I do remember is sometime 2008+ at the bottom of the financial drop, when budgets were falling, that she made a public statement that KCSO response times were unfortunately going to get longer and that people should be aware of their own security.

      She didn’t quite come out and say “Y’all ought to get armed” but she might as well have.

  3. It seems that the last few King County Sheriffs have been far more gun-friendly than their City of Seattle (and nearby suburb) Police Chief counterparts. Perhaps because the county also covers a fair amount of rural countryside, or because it’s an elected office – doesn’t matter the reason – but despite the strong anti-gun sentiment in the metropolitan Seattle area, at least a few law enforcement leaders – and the county prosecutor – have had the cojones to actually follow the law and avoid infringement of personal rights.

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