Quote of the day—Vladimir Putin

We should not apply any time limits. We should know them all by name. We will search for them everywhere, where ever they are hiding. We will find them in any spot on the planet and punish them.

Vladimir Putin
November 17, 2015
Putin vows payback after confirmation of Egypt plane bomb
[His definition of “punish” will have significant differences from that of our current president. It may well involve removing their entire family line from the gene pool.

The French and the Russians are probably in good agreement on the task at hand. France is asking “European allies” to join them. I expect Israel probably is interesting in cooperating as well. If ISIS follows through on their threat, The American Blood Is Best, and We Will Taste It Soon, then there may be sufficient motivation for our country to “achieve consensus” and put aside our differences with other nations and ally with them to achieve a more “lasting peace” with Islam.

We have the technology to do a much “better” job than we did in the past few hundred years we have been at war with them. If the political will to use it comes about things things will get very ugly.—Joe]


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  1. War means fighting, and fighting means killing.

    Nathan Bedford Forrest

    Something that our effeminate elites will need to not only comprehend, but embrace.

    I don’t know that they have it in them.

  2. Jeff – not only the elites, but the American people at large will be flooded with pictures of body parts from “collateral damage”. Pictures that the MSM will never show in the aftermath of ISIS carnage by the way. I don’t believe the people at large have the stomach for doing what needs to be done when they actually have to see it.

    Wars such as WWII were different from the propaganda prospective. When Germany was fire bombed, there were no pictures of burned civilians and buildings flooding US homes with in hours. People knew that horrific damage was being done but it was remote, not so personal.

    I fear it will take significant death and or subjugation of US civilians before the American people are ready to accept the mass killing that will be necessary to pound radical Islam back underground.

  3. It’s not clear to me that France is a whole lot more realistic in its approach than the current US administration is. Dropping a few bombs on a few buildings isn’t much of a response. As for Israel, I can’t imagine them to get involved in any way under any conditions whatsoever. They may have an interest in the outcome, but for them to be seen to get involved would be a PR mistake. Never mind the fact that European governments disapprove of the existence of Israel almost as much as the arabs do.

      • Maybe. But they are bound to be concerned about what might replace him. And in the bigger picture, Assad is a minor nuisance compared to theological nutcases with nukes.
        Quite apart from that, Israel can’t afford to ally itself with an overt attack on an Arab country. Especially if most of the “allies” involved aren’t treating this as a serious activity.

  4. Avoiding the performance of genocide is something the West has done pretty well for the past 70 years. We’ve even allowed genocides to occur (Cambodia, Congo, Biafra, Rwanda, Yugoslavia) rather than intervene violently.

    It amazes me that the Islamists don’t understand that this condition need not continue.

    • But why would they not assume this? A century or more of European history supports their theory. Hitler almost got away with things, it wasn’t until he had taken 5 or 6 steps and went one too far that he ran into trouble. And even then, it took a unique opponent — Churchill. A lot of other English politicians were counseling appeasement and/or “compromise”.
      There’s also the fact that for the past half century or so, western schools have worked very hard to indoctrinate kids with the mantra that Israel is evil and “palestinians” are peace loving victims of these bad people. I’m sure they know this. They have been calling, explicitly and bluntly, for the death of all Jews and the destruction of Israel, continuously for decades. And still this indoctrination continues, and still we sent them money.
      I’ll believe things have gotten better just as soon as Congress votes to terminate funding of the Palestinian terrorist government.

  5. re: putin’s remarks

    friends: i should think that if a few “extra” terrorists get killed by the russians, e.g., over and above those involved in bombing their plane, no one would complain very much. i know that i would not.

    oh, if only we did not have a sissy for a president. putz vs. putin. lordie.

    john jay

  6. The Russian authoritarians are not out friends, and they’re not the friends of Europe. Be very careful about that.

    We’re being played, such that we’ll end up gladly accepting the “help” from the Russians, seeing them and other Fascistic states as the good guys. They are not. We’re repeating the 1930s all over again, where the first “strong man” who rises up and says he’ll solve the problems will be embraced, much to our undoing. This is exactly what happened in Italy and Germany. Then we had a world war. This time it’s Obama, Putin and other enemies of the West operating in common interest.

    To quote your friend from the other day; “This will not end well.”

  7. Putin’s approach is very similar to the Israeli response to the Black September murders at the 1972 Munich Olympics. They took that approach until they smoked an innocent man in Lillehammer Norway. To repeat, “This will not end well.”

  8. Putin will team up with Iran because Iran really wants ISIS gone. I agree with Paul, Israel will not get involved.

    People keep saying “The Kurds, the Kurds!” but the Kurds only have an interest in a part of Iraq. They aren’t going to want to root ISIS out of the entire country.

  9. The Iran/Russia cooperation reminds me a lot of the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact. I wonder if this one will have a shorter life, or a longer one.

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