6 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Jason Bournemouth‏@EczemaBoy

  1. If we believed sex were bad, why would we care about penis extensions?

    On the other hand, if someone had been trying for generations to get us so distracted with sex that we forgot about preserving our culture of liberty, I could see why they’d be both furious and sex-obsessed at this stage.

  2. All this about “penis extensions”. I’ll confess that I’ve never seen anyone hold a gun that way. (Nor would I want to, for multiple reasons.)

  3. So, Jason, when someone comes up to you and points a Glock at your head and asks you to recite the Shahada, or he will shoot you, are you going to beat him to death with your noodly appendage? Good luck! And if you are successful, I hope to see a report on your technique in the media.

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