Interflon Fin Super update

About three months ago I wrote about a gun lubricant which I was rather pleased with, Interflon Fin Super. Today I received an email which said, in part:

We have been informed by the Head Office of Interflon in the Netherlands that there is an issue with selling Interflon products directly to consumers online, because the Licensing Agreement that Interflon has with DuPont for the use of Teflon in their products limits them to selling these products to the professional market only. Selling to consumers is in breach of this licensing agreement and we have been asked to take the offering on Amazon offline immediately.

We will be taking the product off line by the end of this week and will no longer be selling directly to consumers. The product will still be available to professional buyers such as gun clubs and gun stores.

I haven’t seen this in any gun store so I immediately went on line at Amazon and ordered what I figured would be a lifetime supply for me. I don’t know if they will actually ship it but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try.


8 thoughts on “Interflon Fin Super update

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  2. Hi Joe. Thanks for your support. We are very disappointed about this decision. And yes, your order will be shipped out today. If you need more, you can contact me directly as we are allowed to sell to businesses and I think you classify as one. All the best!

  3. Maybe you should start “North Central Idaho Gun Service” as a sideline, distributing this stuff… 🙂

    • Yes, they are hanging on a distinction without a difference. If they want to sell only to a reseller, then you are a reseller, and I’ll buy from you.

  4. Thanks for the public-service announcement! I just placed an order too.

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