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  1. are they sure it’s not charlton heston’s cock & ball set? i’d rate mr. heston a “notch” or two above most of those pussies.

    john jay

    • So you’re saying “package” size IS relevant to whether one’s fundamental rights should be respected?

  2. If I had this enormous equipment then I could beat my assailant to death with it. I’d still prefer my firearms though for distance

  3. Epiphany…if I had to do a similar illustration for CSGV, Moms Demand Bedroom Action, and All the Brady’s Are Dead, I can only think of a giant picture of a feline, you know, it’s slang and rhymes with wussie.

    They claim we lack in the male department. I counter with that all of them are female anatomy (including their metrosexuals).

    • Why?

      Look at it as a gift. It’s an illustration of the kind of argument the anti-rights movement resorts to when all their best arguments fail. Its main purpose is to make you angry. Otherwise it’s just pathetic, like a drunkard stumbling in an alley and leering at you as you walk by.

      I suppose if it makes you angry, it’s successful, and so the forces of darkness will keep doing it.

      • Because the intent was to slander a man that can no longer defend himself. If Heston was alive he could laugh it off and probably would.

    • Yeah, clearly using the 1st amendment in a way that your kind accuses us of doing with the 2nd amendment.

      Hypocrisy much Ubu?

      Yes, you and your pack of juvenile mentalities have the ‘right’ to be as insulting as you possibly can. But that doesn’t mean it’s mandatory for anyone to do anything to put you out if you’re on fire.

      • This is beyond boring and is outright insulting.

        And if ubu were on fire, I’d throw gasoline on him!

        • Ubu52 claims to be (and I have no reason to doubt this) a somewhat small statured woman who likes high heels.

          Regardless of the gender of my guests here please don’t push the envelope so far that you make threats.

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