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  1. she says while making several grammar and punctuation / errors.
    Perhaps the reason gun owners can’t understand you, IR, is that you are barely able to express a coherent thought in ordinary language.

  2. Note this is coming from a person who has a long history of demanding mass confiscation (ranging from semi-autos, to handguns, to baning all guns in civilian hands).

    Exactly /what/ part of her stance is hard to explain?

  3. I wonder if the fact that “Italian Rose” reminds us of “Tokyo Rose” is a Freudian slip, or an intentional similarity.

  4. I shoot with men and women who are probably in the top 10% of the IQ range. I’m not far from that myself, by God’s gift. In our gun club and among the matches I shoot we have the following:

    – 2 engineers, one electronic, one mechanical
    – 2 surgeons, one general, one facial (latter does a lot of gunshot surgeries)
    – A banker
    – 2 accountants, one a CPA
    – 2 lawyers (don’t know what their specialties are)
    – A college professor (something in the humanities)

    Yeah, a bunch of dumb clucks for sure. And these guys and gals shoot as much as I do, or more.

      • True; there are a lot of people with Ph.D.s in Angry Studies who are as stupid as a box of progressives.

      • Okay, maybe I’ll walk up to them and ask them for their IQ’s. That is stupid. At some point, you have to assume some things. You think a facial surgeon is going to have a low IQ? I’d tell you MY IQ, but you wouldn’t believe me probably, because “education doesn’t correlate with IQ”. Would you assume I am a dummy because I don’t have a PhD? Or would you assume the lawyer is a dummy because he has a J.D. and 35 years of experience?
        Come on, get real.

    • That’s all well and good, but in fact we need not explain or defend ourselves, for to attempt such is to accept the false premise behind the charge (that people are generally too incompetent to make their own choices).

      No, Young Grasshopper; we need not answer for ourselves! Those who stand in opposition to human liberty must be held to answer.

  5. Dunning-Kruger at it’s finest!

    Also I was thinking the same as you, Joe, this morning when reading The Trace saying “Yeah we lost in Virginia pretty hard, but it totally wasn’t about gun control!”

    Awesome! Keep thinking that!

    • I would say that the victories in Virginia may prove hollow if they actually learn from their recent drubbing.

      If they eschew the whore-money from Nanny Bloomberg and go silent about trying to seize our weapons they will win more at the ballot box. If however, their lust for power and ideological zeal makes them shout for more failed gun control, we may see their electoral destruction.

      I hope thy run all out on gun control and demonstrate that they are Nazis!

      • Actually, how do you see them politically ‘learning’?

        If anything, their rhetoric has become is more vitriolic.

        Look at the crap for brains statements from Clinton.

        Of all the politicians out there, you’d think she would want not one damn thing to do with anything gun control.

        If she hasn’t learned from the drubbing the demoncraps took in the ’94 election resulting from her husband’s stepping in the manure on gun control, no one else will either.

      • I don’t think they can ‘go silent’ easily, Braden. Too many progtards are all too eager to tell you exactly what they want. And the news loves to report it (irony, as the media is squarely in their corner).

  6. I want to sic FuzzyGeff, a shooting buddy of mine, on her.

    I once asked him where he learned calculus and his reply was, “oh that’s just how it looked like it should be when I started learning algebra.” His brother confirms that Geff figured Calc out on his own. In 6th grade.

  7. Here are two very simple sentences, and some very small words, Rose. “No. Your move.” I hope you can comprehend those. Oops! Was that too big a word for you?

    We’re not debating you anymore. We’re not giving an inch anymore. Turn us all into outlaws. When you try to enforce those laws, you will find committed enemies!

  8. ignorant bitch.

    as you might infer i am done w/ the “polite right,” and repudiate it.

    you cannot reason w/ these twits, facts have no bearing on their desire to take our guns. except, those that they can twist and lie about.

    the only reason they wish to confiscate guns is to disarm our opposition to their attempts to impose socialist tyranny: as long as we are armed, jealous of our liberties, and willing to man the barricades if necessary to protect our heritage, our rights, liberties and privileges the have legitimate reason to fear & detest us.

    we stand, guns raised in our good right arms, ready to fight them. this they cannot abide, this frustrates them, and inspires their invective.

    their idiocy and rhetoric is comforting in a way, as it confirms just how much they fear us, and how much we impede their march to “socialist paradise.” were it otherwise, they would utter nary a peep on their way to dominion. i hope that i have stated that with sufficient clarity to “rose.”

    john jay

    p.s. “rose” is a good name for her. reminds me of the poem, “rose of aberlone.” rose of aberlone was, significantly enough, a cow, who was pregnant at time of sale, not known to buyer or seller: the legal issue was recission. metaphorically, so is “italian rose,” seemingly complete w/ all desirable attributes, save wit.

    http://scholarship.law.duke.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=5665&context=faculty_scholarship . “rose of aberlone,” by brainerd currie. a good read, for those who comprehend.

  9. Yes, for the vast majority, I want them to remain all warm and fuzzy in their ignorance. Let them carefully tend their delusions.

    • Nothing we could do would stop said delusions. Not until this scenario plays out;

      When National Socialist Germany was reduced to a smoking ruin, most of the young men dead or captured, all infrastructure broken or captured, they still fought on, and then finally surrendered only as the Allies were pounding the capitol city into rubble, Hermann Göring, commander in cheif of the Luftwaffe, maintained his delusions. Still in captivity he smiled, posed cheerily for the cameras, cavorted chattily, assuming he was to be treated as the gallant hero/super star that he considered himself to be. The switch was flipped when he finally realized that he was going to be tried for capital crimes against Humanity. Only then. You could see the change on his face. Then he committed suicide rather than face the truth of what he’d helped make possible.

      That’s your model of what it takes, right there– The delusions will persevere up until a person is walking up the gallows, if then. That after all is their purpose, if you understand it, of infecting other people with the spirit of authoritarianism. They become actual zombies. Today we call it Progressivism, but it’s as old as the hills.

      That image of Göring’s face, after reality broke in on him uninvited, is forever engraved in my mind as a lesson to us all.

      • Well, yes. It’s that utter, wide eyed, deer in the headlights look of astonishment on their faces as things go *WHAMBO*, but that’s just my “Vlad” side.

      • It’s always a shock to some lowlife when they realize they’re going to be held accountable.

  10. I am just here looking at my clips, rubber bullets high capacity bullets, and the shoulder thing that goes up.

  11. What Richard said.

    I think it’s funny that she writes of the need to use small words when talking to us… when it’s people like her that can’t remember what ‘clip’, ‘magazine’, ‘semi-auto’, and such mean.

    Were WE to talk to HER about guns, we’d have to use small words in order to be understood, wouldn’t we?

  12. I wonder if the words, “Liberty and Justice for All” are too obscure, too ambiguous, too complicated, too offensive or just too frightening.

    • I think the last two words in the quotation (“…for All”) are probably the ones she’d have problems with.

  13. The most appropriate response to Italian Rose is probably:

    ‘Tits or GTFO’

    What? It’s not like we’re gonna get anything INTELLIGENT out of her…

  14. That should be no problem for you, Rose. Speak to them on their own level and if you cannot quite get up to it, do the best you can.

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