One round short

I just finished reloading a few rounds for my next pistol match and ran my round counting program to report on the total number of rounds I have ever reloaded. By complete coincidence the total was one short of a nice round number (from a computer programmer’s viewpoint):

223.LOG: 2027 rounds.
22LR.log: 0 rounds.
3006.LOG: 467 rounds.
300WIN.LOG: 1351 rounds.
40SW.LOG: 40054 rounds.
45.log: 0 rounds.
50bmg.log: 0 rounds.
9MM.LOG: 21636 rounds.
Total: 65535 rounds.


8 thoughts on “One round short

  1. Next you’ll be all, “I reloaded -65536 rounds” just to screw with the system.

    • True.

      I wonder if there will be an overflow problem on the next round. I wouldn’t want to cause an unhandled exception to take down the house or something.

    • Almost for certain. I don’t remember how I handled rounds that I disassembled and then reloaded. Did each of them get counted as one or two? Was I consistent in doing that? No big deal in the overall scheme of things. Those were probably no more that 300 rounds out of the 65K+.

      I just thought it was an interesting coincidence that the total, as they are recorded in my logs, came out to 0xFFFF.

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