3 thoughts on “Boomershoot 2015 video

  1. Great video. BallisticArc, what caliber and rifle are you shooting? I will pass this video on to future shooters.

    • Bill, I put a summary of my Boomershoot rifle here.

      TL;DR: .308 175 grain Sierra Match King out of a fairly stock Savage 10 BA, in this video with the muzzle device replaced with a GemTech QD muzzle brake with a Blast Jacket on it.

      I had a little trouble with my GemTech Quicksand kissing the rounds as it left, leaving a smear of copper on my suppressor’s endcap and ruining the accuracy, so I settled on throwing the muzzle gasses forward. With some more debugging, I might try the suppressor again, but you can be sure I’m going to stick a .30 caliber dowel in my barrel first.

      Now if I could just persuade Gene Econ and one of my team-mates to try out the Blast Jacket. I was eating their muzzle blast from the left and right during some of the cut sections of this video, making my eyes water.

  2. Thanks! I’ll have to give the brake and blast jacket a look! I generally don’t use brakes, even on my .338 Lapua, but I’ll give it a look!

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