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@wallsofthecity Of course we want to take your guns.  And like every other liberal goal over the past 50 years, we will be successful.

bayo0786‏ @heyoyayo
Tweeted on October 22, 2015
[What this guy doesn’t understand is there are lines which must not be crossed.

What you need to understand is that you must never let anyone get away with telling you that no one wants to take your guns.—Joe]


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  1. And when the prepared citizen starts carrying a sharpened piece of glass, that will be banned. Then rocks. Then sticks. Then fists? Woo-hoo, progress! We’re goin’ back to caveman days! Do these people feel no need for defense?

    • Maybe I can help you here. The left wants YOU back in the Stone Age. They do not believe in self defense for YOU. When you’re down to sharp sticks and your fists, their guys will still have guns. OK?

      Once you realize that such has been the goal all along, and you stop being distracted by the left’s public rationalizations and assertions, you’ll stop being confused.

    • Lyle’s on point here. Note that the biggest ‘mouths’ for gun control have access to all the ARMED security they could ever want — either paid by themselves or by the taxpayer.

      When they start disposing of such security, maybe I’ll consider them as anything more than lying hypocrites.

  2. It’s time to go. By that I mean from the tin pot Dictatorship the the once great United States has devolved into. We need to separate from the FUSA and psychopaths like this. The alternative is unimagineable to the Progressives and extremely unappealing to those who believe in freedom, personal responsibility and the Constitution as written.

  3. I think that bayo0786‏ @heyoyayo is probably right. Just about every other “liberal” (meaning anti-liberty) goal has been achieved. It’s taken a lot longer than they imagined, but they’re certainly gaining ground.

    As for lines which must not be crossed; they’ve either crossed all the others or they’ve built the bridges, manned the guard towers and have assembled, ready to cross. They’re looking forward, with relish, to crossing this one.

    Who, after all, is going to stop them? We’ve proved to them that they can ignore the constitution and ignore the law with almost perfect impunity. We’ll sit on the sidelines and complain, or we may even sue them occasionally, but nothing important will come of it in the end. The left still has the ball, and they’re moving it downfield. We have a pathetic defense and almost no offense. They know exactly what they’re doing, they have a 100 year head start, and we’re still arguing over whether they mean well or about how to best get along with them.

    I refer waaay back to Ayn Rand’s explanation of conflict. If both sides share the same basic premises or principles, the more rational argument will win. If they have very different basic premises or principles, the more aggressive, irrational or violent side will win. The latter describes our situation more accurately than the former, and right now the left is more aggressive, irrational and violent.

    It’s a trap from which there is (seemingly) no escape. Naturally there is escape, but no one wants to hear it, hence the long, slow development of this problem in the first place. It’s taken us over 100 years of blithering cluelessness, laziness, selfishness and self delusion to allow the left to gain all this ground, even helping them along as we go, so what’s changed? Who or what is going to change, to reverse the trend?

  4. In fairness to the individual behind the screenname, he did volunteer to be point man on the door-kicking stack, when pressed on the topic. Now, whether or not he’s a man of his word is another question entirely…

    • Unlikely, since he’s a “progressive”. Which is another word for communist. Which is another word for liar.

  5. “Are you gonna bark all day, little dog…or are you gonna bite?”

    I don’t even pay attention to this kind of thing any more. Molon Labe or STFU.

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