Quote of the day—Bay Area Official

No one wants to touch the legitimate hunter. But we’ve got to protect society from nuts with guns.

Bay Area Official
[Via Friday A/V Club: What the Gun Debate Looked Like in 1967.

After nearly 50 years of increasingly strict laws, now with some of the most repressive gu laws in the nation, the words they use are nearly the same. California has banned the most commonly sold rifles, used by hunters, sold in the U.S. and yet they never stop pushing for more.

It stops here. It stops now. And we are reversing the trend.—Joe]


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  1. “No one wants to touch the legitimate hunter.”?

    Then why did California ban all lead-cored hunting ammo in the entire state, on the basis of alleged lead poisoning of California condors? Poisoning which, legitimate researchers are finding, can be traced to the condors eating chips of lead-based paint off remote, historic fire lookout towers.

    The entire thrust of the lead bullet legislation was to place another hurdle for hunters.

    • The key word being “legitimate”.

      Hence why they go after sport hunters, big game hunters, dove hunters, deer hunters (see Bambi), anyone that they can claim is not legitimate.

    • I COULD argue that they found a way into the “Chris Rock Method” oft quoted with Glee by the antis.


      “Make bullets cost $5,000!” I think we can all see how rapidly the argument falls apart.

      Still making ammo containing lead illegal because poison, and making bullets that DON’T contain lead illegal because “Cop Killer”, Cali now has wiped the lawful gun owner off the map…but can taunt 2nd Amendment supporters saying “If there were still gun shops in this state open, you could still buy all the guns you want! Just don’t you dare think of loading or shooting them!!!!”

  2. In that video we see a good demonstration of “persuasion via acting serious”. The sociopath can say the most ridiculous things, and so long as he acts very serious and enthusiastic or passionate while doing it, a certain number of people will be persuaded. The appeal to emotion is key. Add a serious-acting anchor to introduce him, pretend to take him seriously and do a serious-sounding follow up, and his persuasion power is even greater. Exclude any quality opposition and the effect is multiplied many fold. The is why every authoritarian regime has state-controlled media.

  3. The Constitution was written by and for a new nation that had recently been involved in a war for freedom and liberty, hunting was at no point factored in.

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