Quote of the day—RD Copeland‏@RD_Copeland

@andreagrimes first gun nut I see in the grocery store gets slapped up side the head and his tiny penis (aka gun) taken away.

RD Copeland‏ @RD_Copeland
Tweeted on March 17, 2015
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday!

Via email from malroadkill.

Apparently Copeland does not realize they are announcing to the world their intention to commit the crimes of assault, battery, and theft. This also demonstrates Copeland may someday have an excellent chance to earn a Darwin Award.

All of this should surprise no one. Nearly all anti-gun people have crap for brains.—Joe]


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  1. Not just the world but any rival attorney civil or criminal.
    That right there is evidence of premeditation /and/ malice.

    Not to mention that a reasonable and prudent person would take a gun grab as manifest intent, especially when preceded by a blow to the head.

  2. Showing once again that the truly whacked out grabbers see guns merely as symbols, not functional tools. They are free to continue to insult, demean, and even commit hate crimes against gun owners because they don’t actually believe there are consequences to those actions.

  3. Have they stopped making retention holsters?

    Oh, wait. Knowing that people use such things would require some rudimentary knowledge of firearms, something noticeably lacking in the gun-grabber* community

    *Literally, in this lackwit’s case.

  4. He believes that his hate or malice is justified because he’s bought Progressive False Premise of the Century #37; The right to keep and bear arms equals legalized murder, thus the desire to keep and bear arms equals the desire to murder.

    Ergo he is a victim of Progressive propaganda insofar as he is dumb enough to fall for it. So we may at the same have pity on him for being the victim of a campaign of lies, and deride him for being stupid enough to fall for such lies.

    The third option is that he’s more of a knowing perpetrator than a witless victim. It is possible to be both, I suppose.

    This little clip is relevant to the case;

  5. Please like me know where you shop and I will meet you and show you how to smack the living $H!T out of an true @$$H0LE, you .

  6. And such theft would (in most cases) be a Federal felony.

    (Yeah, I know 922(j) and 924(l) are based on the insane idea that once a good has moved across a state line it’s forever after the within the legal purview of the federal government, but that’s what’s on the books.)

  7. I use a retention holster. Well before this person succeeds in removing my sidearm I will have unleashed whatever force I deem necessary to prevent what I perceive as a threat on my life.

    • And a person going for your gun, after, trying to incapacitate your with a blow to the head does show they are immediately trying to acquire the Ability, their proximity shows the Opportunity, and the reasonable interpretation of their actions would show a manifest intent of Jeopardy.

      And that’s before discovery finds writings like this which show premeditation and malice.

      I think Lyle is right that this person is suffering a massive ignorance of not just firearms laws but even the basment basics of how the justice system functions.

  8. Slapping someone in the head and taking their property is not A&B plus theft. It’s strong-arm robbery (taking by force or fear).

    • Indeed, and that would trigger the laws on justifiable homicide in any civilized jurisdiction.

  9. Let’s see…a blow to the head, followed by an attempt to grab a gun. Doesn’t that sound like what happened in Ferguson MO last year. Even the Holder Justice Department couldn’t figure out a way to prosecute ‎Darren Wilson.

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