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I find the idea that we should extend the same protections we give to game species to prevent them from becoming extinct to criminals and tyrants oddly curious.

September 23, 2015
Comment to Quote of the day—Shannyn Moore
[This was in reference to Moore denigrating the use of standard capacity magazines for use in hunting.

I understand that dittybopper was being witty but that aside I don’t find it odd or curious in the slightest.

Criminals are the constituents and allies of tyrants and those who aspire to be tyrants. It naturally follows that those who desire the rule of a tyrant will, of logical necessity, desire the same or greater protections for the preservation of criminal and tyrant species as is normal for the conservation of game species.—Joe]


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  1. Achievement unlocked!

    On the more serious side, I’ve thought that for a while now, whenever someone brings up magazine capacity restrictions and hunting regulations.

  2. “Criminals are the constituents and allies of tyrants”

    This reminds me of one of the themes running through The Gulag Archipelago. Solzhenitsyn frequently refers to the class of prisoners he calls “thieves” who are basically petty criminals who enjoy a special status within the system and frequently bully the other prisoners. They were an integral part of the system that kept the party in control of the USSR for so long.

    • Yes. That theme repeats itself around the world and throughout history. Our current “community organizers” use the same arrangement, which is manifest in the Occupy and Black Lives Matter phenomena. Cloward, Piven, Alinsky, Hillary, Obama, et al – they all know it and practice it. The Soviets didn’t invent it of course as it goes way back, but they did refine it to both a science and an art form.

      Like it or not, recognize it or not, we are and have been in an all-out War of Alliances, and as was said about the American Civil War especially as pertained to the Kansas/Missouri border; being allied with either side was dangerous, but worse still was being caught in the middle.

      • “Professional Courtesy.”
        It is the concept that keeps the man eating sharks from eating the lawyers swimming through them in the joke that ends with
        “Why didn’t they eat you?”
        “Professional Courtesy.”

        Tyrants need thugs so the populace will continue to submit to them and surrender all forms of liberty in order to be protected from the thugs.

  3. Lyle’s “War of Alliances”. I’m a bit slower on this than Lyle is, but lately I’ve been thinking that the relationship between the Leftists of whatever variety and the Islamists is something like the Feinians and the IRA. Same objective of control, grossly different methods. Otherwise the apparent alliance between the Leftists and the Islamists against the Christians makes no sense except as a way of inducing division and conquest.

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