Quote of the day—Shannyn Moore

If you need a 30-round clip you’re a pretty poor hunter. If you are hoarding automatic (yes, they are legal) or semi-automatic weapons, you need Viagra.

Shannyn Moore
December 27, 2012
My Guns Are Less Regulated Than My Uterus
[It’s another Markley’s Law Monday! Via an email from Weerd Beard.—Joe]


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  1. If you think guns are less regulated than your body parts, you need to read Mark Williamson’s essay on guns and cars.

  2. I just looked her up – she’s a blogger/activist from Homer, Alaska. The subtitle on her blog is: “Painting a Red State BLUE, one stroke at a time… ”

    That’s certainly the mindset with these libs, isn’t it? No actual sense of diversity or the other beloved concepts they like to spout. Nope – if you decide to move to a region full of rugged individualists, you don’t even attempt to fit in – you immediately pull every string you can to change it to your notion of liberal utopia.

    • Yeah, that never made sense to me. Moving away from someplace that sucks, then doing everything you can to change the wonderful place you moved to into the same sort of hell-hole you left, but with different scenery. Why not go back to the left-wing paradise you left, hmmm? Why not leave your personal brand of dysfunction back where you came from? Or, better yet, move back there where you’ll fit in, rather than trying to destroy someplace else?
      Oh, right – because you hope to be in charge, in the new place, because you were tired of being on the bottom of the stack “back there.” The SJWs mean to rule, just like all left-wingers. “Justice” or “equality” are not their goals – they are just buzzwords they use attempting to guilt the strong into submitting to them. The proper answer is “FU!”

  3. Where are the twenty thousand plus uterus laws? No one told me about the federal Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Uteri.

    In the article she never gets around to discussing the uterus restrictions. It only appears in the title as click bait. She does get in a lot of smear and distortion though– “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of Kindergarteners”. Cute.

    Keep up with the avoidance of a serious discussion, Sister. Keep replacing principles with lies. It shows the world that you are insane.

    All this while American Progressive women ignore the oppression, slavery and murder in the Muslim world. Women are forced to cover up entirely and must be escorted by a man, people are being beheaded, crucified or stoned to death, and these bimbos in America are worried that there aren’t enough “gun free” zones in America. The contrast and hypocrisy would be hilarious if it weren’t so tragic. What must the world be thinking of America now?

    I hereby declare Shannyn Moore a misogynist. No one could do more to make women look like idiots than a woman like her.

    • “Gun Free Zones” ensure that would-be tyrants can continue to make hay from Kindergarteners’ deaths.

  4. If you need a 30-round clip you’re a pretty poor hunter.

    If you need a disarmed populace to lead, you’re a pretty poor leader.

  5. This moron, a totalitarian no doubt, misses the entire point that the Second Amendment is about WE THE PEOPLE protecting ourselves from out of control government. One needs only to read the the previous documents to the Constitution comprehend that fact.

  6. Not to worry, with luck she’ll decide that bears are her friends and will end up as bear sushi.

  7. I find the idea that we should extend the same protections we give to game species to prevent them from becoming extinct to criminals and tyrants oddly curious.

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  9. And I think that if one wants to disarm others because one conflates tools with sexual organs, one ought to be committed for observation.

    Maybe her guns are less regulated than he uterus. She regulates her uterus and is free to decide who may enter and how, and for how long, so if she owns guns, I think her neighbors ought to know and take appropriate measures in the nature of what is known in California as a WIC § 5150

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