Quote of the day—Bill S.

I have no idea what the solution is to gun violence, but America continues to lead the industrial West when it comes to shooting it out. I think one step in the right direction would be an extension of the castle doctrine to allow shooting anyone open carrying an assault rifle.

If you see a couple of people carrying assault rifles openly, you could argue convincingly that they needed killing.

Bill S.
From an email sent to Alan Korwin.
[Just so you know what some people think of you if you carry one of the most popular rifles in the U.S. That is, you need to be killed.—Joe]


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  1. Castle doctrine doesn’t mean what he thinks it means. Appears he got his info from poor reporting by mainstream media. Go figure.

    Also, his comments show(again) that some individuals just shouldn’t own firearms. I’m not saying anything about rights, but they should read their own comments objectively and decide that they just shouldn’t.

    • Ignorance is strength!

      But really why woudln’t he think castle doctrine means that?

      We’ve seen them push against SYG in just two pick two FL cases where the person’s defense was his inability to physically retreat…

      Or another where the person got off a bus was followed and then tried to run away.

      Or look at all the times they’ll push for a private sale ban in reaction to an event where private sales were not even involved.

      The acutal wording of a given law doesn’t matter.

      What matters is *we must DO something!*

      Heck he gives it away when he admits he has no actual solution. But that doesn’t stop him from demanding the deaths of people he doesn’t like.

  2. The irony is strong in this one. People shouldn’t have certain types of guns – just because you don’t like them – so they should be shot with other kinds of guns (which you probably also don’t like, but will tolerate for the time being while they are used to rid the world of the people you don’t like……)

  3. So the solution to an “epidemic of violence” is … more violence. Visited on people who can shoot back.

    And then, when geniuses like this are deservedly mocked, they wonder why.

    • Anonymous Conservative claims this is tactic is used by “rabbits”. He claims they get the “wolves” to fight among themselves. In more concrete terms this includes getting the police to attack the natural allies of the police: law abiding citizens who are self-reliant in both the areas of economic stability and self-defense. Tax the “rich” and disarm those who wish to defend themselves. They cannot raise themselves up to the level of those they are envious of so they want those people brought down to their level.

      • Yep, or in short;
        Gun restrictions are not and never have been about fighting crime or improving “safety”. They’re about weakening the honest and strong, for the honest and strong are the enemies of the criminal class (government and common criminals).

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