Quote of the day—Smarter than Your Average Bear

Time for that asshole to eat a Pb sandwich then see how he feels.

Smarter than Your Average Bear
August 31, 2015
Comment to NRA spokesman tells parents of slain Virginia journalists not to be ‘so emotional’
[He is referring to Colin Noir in this video:

This is also relevant and contains more of Colin’s video:

The bottom line is that people think you should be killed for expressing a perfectly reasonable appeal to reason and facts and to not let your emotions rule your actions.

Don’t let people like this gain political power.—Joe]


12 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Smarter than Your Average Bear

  1. We are told by our culture that our emotions define us as human beings. That’s probably the most insidious lie in history, but it is widely believed. Thus when our emotions are singled out as the problem, we get extremely offended. As painful as it may be though, it has to be done.

    We’re at a point where it’s more acceptable to attack the rights of millions of people than to question the emotions of those who are attacking people’s rights. This is the power of the Marxist/Progressive movement, which is nothing but emotion, and it’s one of the most deadly forces on Earth. Their emotions trump reason and they’re quite proud of it. In fact it is precious to them– objectivity is seen as anti-human. Nonetheless it must be addressed head-on.

    The objective mind of course sees the emotion-driven mind as dangerously insane, which it is. Both sides therefore see the other as intolerable, and from within each perspective they are both correct. Those who embrace their emotions as precious, as the very definition of their humanity, are of course going to be outraged when those emotions are questioned, and those who shun emotion in favor of objectivity will of course be on the defensive when login, reason, and the basic human rights and principles they support, are attacked in fits of righteous emotion.

    One side has to lose.

  2. It has always bugged me when I hear people say that humans are different to animals because we are SENTIENT, believing it means intelligent.

    There’s a reason we, as a species, are called Homo SAPIENS SAPIENS.

    But, I will concede the point that too many are SENTIENT, but not SAPIENT.

  3. So, I’m maybe not smarter than your average bear, but is he saying that he should eat a peanut butter sandwich, or shoot himself. Pb is lead on the periodic table of elements.

  4. If Noir has a mother, she ought to smack him for being so thoughtless. That’s not the kind of thing you say to grieving parents.

  5. Of course, if a person on the pro-rights side of the fence were to say that about a person on the anti-rights side of the fence who had a darker complexion, the speaker would be accused of racism.

    Given, however, that the darker-skinned individual is espousing “conservative” viewpoints… well, game on.

    Progressive hypocrisy is disgusting.

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