Why women should panic?

I don’t think women have any reason to panic. The article was written by a homosexual man. He seems more than a little bitter toward women at times. He makes some interesting and entertaining points, but I disagree with most of them for the most part.

I can only speak for sure for myself, but I’m pretty sure that the drive among men to solve problems is not a result of wanting to impress women. Sure, for a young buck, that may be a big part of it, but he’ll rarely get very far in his problem solving if he’s distracted by an over-active sex drive. Once you’ve been married for decades and your children have gone on to lead their own lives, and you realize that happiness and sex have virtually nothing do to with one another, the desire to “impress women” (which is idiotic in the first place) goes by the wayside.

At no time in deciding on any of my several current projects, for example, have women, or any woman, not even my wife, even entered my mind. There have certainly been times in my life when women were on my mind a lot, and certainly the women in my life have WANTED to be the central focus in my life, but when it comes to developing new skills that allow me to turn my ideas into reality, or receiving some flash of inspiration, or sourcing the materials and services needed for the current project, the female sex is the last thing on my mind. It has to be, otherwise it doesn’t happen. Get it?

A dog or a pig can be horny, but that doesn’t allow the dog or the pig to solve mechanical problems, build roads, write sonatas, troubleshoot electrical circuits or calculate the trajectories for spacecraft. Even for the human it would only get in the way. It’s a distraction.

Those who see men’s, or fellow men’s, inspirations as being motivated exclusively, or even significantly, by sex are projecting (the poor, sorry bastards).

Is it really so difficult to image that there is in fact motivation and inspiration that has nothing whatsoever to do with sex? Honky please. I think the author of that article is in a bad state and I hope he finds the way out of it.

I suppose that if sexbots can relieve the immediate impulse, thus allowing more men the time to tend to business rather than pursuing pathological relationships, it could be a good thing for all concerned. Better yet would be if our culture would stop promoting sex sex sex everywhere you look, as though copulation were the ultimate of all existence. It isn’t even close. I wish I’d figured that out when I was much younger—- It would have prevented a lot of suffering.

This ties in with Markely’s Law too– Those Progressives who refuse to admit that there’s any legitimate reason for carrying a gun, have cooked up the idea that guns are only for making a sexually deficient man feel more like a “man”– It’s all about sex, and nothing but sex, for some people.


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  1. And let’s face it. If we were to take a complete inventory of powered sex toys in the country, who would own more, men or women?

    Men aren’t the people who’ll by sexbots. Men have Rosie and internet porn. It’s the women who will demand a robot to hold them while giving them the business.

    • And the anti-sexbot article the Breitbart article is responding to is *also* agaisnt porn.

      Which means that the authour of the intitial article is less about sex-robots and more about fretting that some men many find a non-tratiional sexual outlet.

      Rather puritianical 50’s eh?

  2. Reminds me of this joke:

    When a girl gets a vibrator, it’s seen as a bit of naughty fun.


    When a guy orders a 240-volt Binford F…Master Pro 5000 blowup latex doll with 6-speed pulsating vagina, elasticized anus with non-drip semen collection tray,
    together with optimal built-in realistic orgasm scream and a surround sound system, he’s called a pervert!!

  3. That’s funny right there.

    Anyway, to answer the question “Why should women panic?” They shouldn’t. Look at it as a blessing. If any man believes he could replace you with a bag of silicone he doesn’t think much of you. You’re better off without him, and he’s better off with his bag of silicone. It won’t end up hating him and then feeling guilty about it.

  4. “thus allowing more men the time to tend to business rather than pursuing pathological relationships”

    That right there. The only ones that should be worried are the one’s who have no idea how to act like a decent human being towards a man. The overly demanding, disrespectful, whiny, insecure, crazy and just generally PITAs, those are the one’s that should be worried.

  5. “Better yet would be if our culture would stop promoting sex sex sex everywhere you look, as though copulation were the ultimate of all existence.”

    ^^ THIS ^^

    The “Progressives” who try to drive the culture see man (as in, humankind) as amoral animals, driven by our basest impulses. They cannot conceive that the greatest feats in human history were achieved by people who weren’t trying to impress the opposite gender. The designers and builders of the Empire State Building (itself the largest phallic object in the world for a long time) weren’t doing it to “get chicks”!

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