Quote of the day—Bob Owens

@shannonrwatts You simpering halfwit. Would you make murder more illegal? Criminals with ill intent walk past your silly signs.

Bob Owens
Tweeted on September 14, 2015
[I have nothing to add.—Joe]


4 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Bob Owens

  1. The signs are not for criminals.
    They’re for you.

    We could distill it down if need be;
    The leaders of the anti rights movements aren’t so stupid as to believe a sign would deter a criminal, and they know we aren’t so stupid as to believe that either.

    They also know that both he criminals and they in government will have their guns regardless of the laws.

    They also know that a few of the law-abiding will actually be deterred by signs and laws.

    Everything the criminal class (government and common criminals) does centers around gaining relative advantage, and so if they can manage to disarm a few of the honest, or reduce the number and effectiveness of our arms, or keep their opponents off balance with rules, distractions and frustrations, they’ll do it. Simple as that.

    If we entertain them (such as arguing about the “effectiveness” of such laws when such was never the point) we’re bringing more of the same upon ourselves.

    So to call them butt stupid for believing that a sign would stop a bank robber is to miss the point.

    That sign is for you and me.

    We’re the butt stupid ones– We fell for the rationalizations, we get all frustrated and incensed over the “stupidity” and we get intimidated and angry. In other words, the anti rights laws laws are having much of their intended effect. So why would they stop?

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