7 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Richy Wilson @RichyWilson

  1. Dumb shit is from New Zealand anyway. What’s he care? Given his photo with the retro stocking cap and all, he probably had to take a short break at the skateboard park to tweet his crap. So again, why should I care what some adolescent Kiwi thinks?

  2. How is this so hard for him to understand? The CAR he drives is making up for deficiencies he has with his penis. Psychologists and Psychiatrists agree on this. The gun I carry is making up for deficiencies in the physical and temporal properties of police (They’re too heavy to carry around, particularly with my back, and therefore the police are minutes away when seconds count).

  3. #WarOnMen
    If you believe that a man needs either a large penis or a “penis extension” to “feel like a man”, you have a low opinion of men. You’re missing everything important that defines being a man.

    A real man puts his “feelings” (and ego) in second place (or third, or fourth) in his life. He understands his responsibility to stand up for truth, liberty, decency and justice, to protect the good from the evil, to help the weak find their strength, help to enlighten the ignorant and bring hope the forlorn. The gun is often carried as part of that responsibility.

    No, Young Grasshopper; the penis serves no purpose in any of those things. If you believe that a gun could be a penis replacement, you don’t understand what your penis is for and you don’t understand the purpose of having a gun. You don’t understand much of anything.

  4. Personally I carry a firearm because I AM compensating for my penis.

    You see, my penis doesn’t spit 125 grain lead pellets at 1400 fps in case I need to discourage a bad guy.

    • Well put, but, under some circumstances I understand you could piss razorblades…. no wait…. that’s another problem altogether isn’t it?

  5. I think these commenters are trying to insult us for modest male equipment because they are the ones who completely lack testicles.

    Is it penis or caliber envy?

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