Action item

From Alan Korwin:

At your next meeting where politicians
or candidates are present just ask:

“As a candidate for office, do you support a moratorium on sales taxes on gun safes, to encourage people to buy and use them?”

Washington state does not have sales tax on gun safes. IIRC it went through the legislature and was signed by the governor without too much effort.

And why don’t we try getting subsides and/or tax credits for firearms safety training?


6 thoughts on “Action item

  1. In “Hope”, a novel by Neil Smith and Aaron Zelman, the hero argued that the necessities of life should not be taxed. Those include the obvious: food and shelter. He also added weapons and ammunition, since self-defense is also a necessity.

    Good book, by the way.

  2. Slash federal income taxes, ween the population off of Socialist Security, put millions of federal employees back into the private sector, eliminate several federal departments, bureaus, agencies and other institutions, and then we’ll all have more money for gun safes.

    Instead you want to pile on more micro management of society through the tax codes? No thanks. I’ll pass. I wouldn’t avail of it if it has been passed ten years ago.

    That’s a long-winded way of saying that any and all of these top down, nanny-state measures should be rejected out of hand on principle. We’re against these kinds of things “on principle” when we’re forced to pay the subsidies for someone else’s pet endeavor, and we should be equally against them on the same principle when they would “benefit” us.

    Don’t fall for it. Look what happened to black people, poor people and native Americans. We start getting gun owner subsidies and it’s all downhill from there.

    Education; good, so let’s have a fucking federal department of education and let them ruin it.
    Energy; good. So let’s have a goddamned federal department of energy and let them ruin it.
    Transportation; good, so let’s have a federal department of shitty, authoritarian transportation.
    Food; good, so let’s put some retarded government paper-pushers in charge of our food production and safety, and pay them twice as much as most other people.
    Aviation; wonderful, so let’s put some authoritarians in charge of aviation so hardy anyone can fly their own aircraft.

    It’s no better when the the state sticks it’s nose into our business, makes us fill out forms and ask permission to buy the state approved hardware so we can get a little bone thrown at us for it, like the good dogs we are.

    Which gun safe manufacturer cooked up this cute little idea? Does he have an uncle in the WA Sate legislature?

    Bloody hell; should I even have to say this? What have we been talking about every single day for the last fifteen years?

    I want a tax break too, but not like this. Cut it all, and cut it WAY down. Stop the coercive redistribution and social engineering. We keep our own money, we’ll do great things no fucking politician could possibly imagine.

    • The point isn’t so much to get subsidies. It’s to put the anti-gun people in an awkward position when they claim they want “gun safety” regulations. They will object to the suggestion and then we point out they are not being honest in their objectives.

      On the tax break thing, I’m with Milton Freeman:

      I am in favor of cutting taxes under any circumstances and for any excuse, for any reason, whenever it is possible.

      • Ok, I went off there for a bit. Sorry. It’s kind of like pushing for Shall Issue laws. It sucks. It keeps the authoritarian system in our lives when it should be banished, but Shall Issue is “better” than no issue. So longs as it’s taken as a very temporary step in the right direction it might even work. So what’s the direction in which this tax measure would be a temporary step? If gun safety is to be a leverage point, then more shooting range approvals?

        Somehow we ended up with the religious clause of the first amendment being built into the tax codes. Religion; good, so let’s make into a government 501 C3 program or whatever it is. By that standard any gun related business should be tax free. But them we’d have to “comply” in some way in order to keep our tax exempt status.

        The problem is that we now have the idiotic situation wherein we actually have government approved religions in a system of what can only be described as social engineering. That entire system must be targeted for elimination.

        You’re saying we must embrace and support pieces of it here and there as a tactic. OK, but isn’t that what we complain about regarding the Republican Party? The problem comes in when those making such tactical decision actually begin to emotionally bond with the Authoritarian System they’re ostensibly fighting, then they become proud of their ability to manipulate it, and disdainful of those who stand on principle, e.g. John McCain, et al. Now they’re the enemy.

    • There are many different flavors of authoritarianism. When I get out to pump gas into my vehicle in Oregon, someone leaps out to stop me, because they have a law saying the gas stations MUST employ gas pumpers.

      The job of the Republican Party has been to make authoritarianism easier to live with, so we won’t oppose it so much.

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