9 thoughts on “Quote of the day—James mcguinness @Jimzer111

  1. Just to play along with the falsehood that gun owners are not well endowed males…are you going to mess with them and their heavy firepower they have supposedly for compensation?

    That’s what the insulting and juvenile gun grabbers forget. They are attacking men who are supposedly insecure because of the size of their penis who have an arsenal and lots of weapons. Wow, if that isn’t poking the bear and just plain all around stupid, what is?

  2. Wow, that is such a compelling argument, concise and telling in every detail. I’ve completely changed my mind about the role of immediate personal capability in the preservation of personal safety. I’m going to change my party affiliation to Communist (oops! I mean Democrat) and vote for the Stasi and this election cycle’s Jo Stalin.

  3. Again, we hear from the Dickless Wonders! And… “truthiness”? Really? this knucklehead has a poor grasp of the English language.

    • I think that’s a word made up by one of the TV comedians who a lot of teenagers use as their “news” source these days.

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