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There is a clear correlation between gun saturated America and its rates of violence and suicide. We don’t need to legislate away evil – but we sure as heck can legislate their weapons of choice. Melt all confiscated guns, limit gun ownership to those who can pass a proficiency and safety test (like cars) and force the owners to buy insurance for the damage their guns cause. Mark ammunition and trace it. Limit types of guns available and limit ammunition. But – weak cowardly men who can’t be bothered to actually DO something will always throw their dirty hands in the air, shrug their sloping shoulders and grunt “there’s nothing we can do.” Empty headed puppets – like Noir.

Chelonia Testudines
September 1, 2015
Comment to NRA spokesman tells parents of slain Virginia journalists not to be ‘so emotional’
[H/T to Sebastian.

I’m pretty sure this is the same person. I went looking for them because some of the things he said were so outlandish. Perhaps they were deliberately trolling or something. I strongly suspect they are serious because I found similar simple solutions (which have no hope of actually working) to complex problems there.

The proclamations of solutions in spite of an ignorance and lack of the facts, lack of rational though process, and of course the insults are clear indicators they not only don’t know what they are talking about but don’t want to know what they are talking about. They despise private gun ownership and gun owners and no rational argument or facts can convince them we are deserving of respect or even tolerance. They are a prejudiced bigot.—Joe]


8 thoughts on “Quote of the day—Chelonia Testudines

  1. Well, he starts off correct – there is a clear correlation between firearm ownership rates and violent crime rates.

    A negative correlation.

    Unfortunately, his comments go downhill from there.

  2. “weak cowardly men who can’t be bothered to actually DO something ” … something like study whether or not their proposals actually make sense, or whether they even know what they’re talking about. Marking ammunition, indeed…

  3. “We don’t need to legislate away evil – but we sure as heck can legislate their weapons of choice. Melt all confiscated guns”

    This collectivist troll skipped a step, and went right from “legislate away” our weapons to “melt all confiscated guns”. It has to collect the guns before melting them.

    And that’s going to be the hard part. See, about 20 – 30 million of us are willing to have us a bloody civil war rather than let the Progs and their enforcers in the door to collect our weapons. Sure, some victims of this tyranny will die in the opening rounds. But those of us who are left are going to collect the Ferryman’s Fee. Bet on it.

    • It’s the “Underpants Gnomes” business model all over again.

      Phase 1: Legislate away weapons.
      Phase 2: ??????
      Phase 3: Melt all confiscated guns! (oh, and Profit!)

      The fact that he hasn’t figured out what Phase 2 involves (or if he has, he isn’t saying) reeks of incompetence or dishonesty, or both.

  4. Oh look, once again “Treat guns like cars” is code for: registration, onerous mandatory insurance, and discretionary permiting.

    Gotta love the deodand tell of how “Melt all confiscated guns” comes *first*.

    You’d think if this person was actually okay with said “cleared” people owning guns then it would be fine for them take custody of a confiscated gun.

    Though the addional bit of “Mark ammunition and trace it” is another tell that this person isn’t very big on logistical concerns.

  5. This guy named himself after turtles? At least I named myself after Col. Gadsden’s Rattlesnake.

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